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Op-Ed: Trump Crushes CNN at Town Hall

Trump Crushes CNN at Town Hall
Far lefties learned the truth from the horse’s mouth. Trumped washed over Kaitlan Collins like high tide demolishing a sand castle at water’s edge. In short, it was a great evening. Image credit: CNN / YouTube.

MANCHESTER, NH – Last night’s CNN New Hampshire Town Hall featuring a solo Donald Trump with Kaitlan Collins playing the role of a hostile, belligerent, inquisitor/interrogator and sometime moderator was like a cannon round exploding in the gun barrel. A disaster for CNN! It was planned as a smear against the guy the network despises. The mental midgets running the channel thought cutie-pie Collins would tear the guy apart with Trump all worn out, on the defensive being in the trenches with DeSantis and most recently, the rigged court decision that found him guilty of sexual assault in NYC. Wrong! He was as tough as nails, combative and he wiped out Caitlin by walking all over her intrusions into his slick, comprehensive responses to the questions offered strangely, by only Republicans. It was a win-win for Trump and an embarrassment for the heavy, left-leaning channel.

It gave him a much needed opportunity to express himself against all the charges that have been tossed against him over the years. Never has CNN offered his side of any story that was concocted to destroy him. And surely, many Far Lefties tuned in expressly to watch him crumble and go “off the wall” in tirades stirred up by the rude, ungracious, openly disrespectful Collins, learned the truth from the horse’s mouth. Trumped washed over her like high tide demolishing a sand castle at water’s edge. It was she who crumbled.

We’ve never seen Trump so calm, cool and collected as he explained his points of views on most topics. He dominated. To the Republicans tuned in, he offered them an evening of reasons why he should be their nominee next year. To Democrat viewers he educated them to understand that CNN has never honestly reported his side of any situation. He surgically exposed that network’s lies, fake news and insincerity. In fact, look for his polling numbers to rise dramatically by Thursday morning. It was that much of a success for Trump.

This would be a perfectly gracious opportunity for DeSantis to pull out of the race. Let him spend the next four years traveling around the world and country, showing his face and winning over the nation’s voters with his knowledge of issues and his strengths. And in this period, gaining the respect and endorsement to run in 2028 of the sitting President Trump. In short, it was a great evening.

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