Miami Cold Case Squad Solves 1961 Murder of Joseph Dimare; Implicates Wife, Marital Issues, Inconsistent Statements

Joseph Dimare
According to investigators, Joseph Dimare was found deceased inside of his vehicle from apparent gunshot wounds to the head. The vehicle was located in an empty lot at the rear of a gas station.

MIAMI-DADE, FL – The Miami-Dade Police Department, Homicide Bureau, Cold Case Squad has solved the 62 year-old case into the murder of Joseph Dimare. According to investigators, the victim was found deceased inside of his vehicle from apparent gunshot wounds to the head. The vehicle was located in an empty lot at the rear of a gas station.

Dimare’s wife, Frances, fled from the vehicle barefoot and responded to the gas station, where she called for police. His wife stated that they were on the way to dinner, when two armed males entered the vehicle at an intersection and pointed a gun to her head, demanding her to drive to the empty lot where the vehicle was located. The males then demanded all of her belongings. The victim was sitting in the passenger seat and his wife was driving the vehicle. She stated that the subjects hit her over the head with a gun and she became unconscious. When she awoke, she discovered that her husband had been shot and killed. 

Further investigation revealed that Mr. Dimare had been have having marital issues with his wife.  Therefore, he decided to change his living will to state that Mrs. Dimare must be living at his home at the time of his death in order to be an eligible beneficiary. Mrs. Dimare provided an official statement, stating that she ran barefoot to get help. However, there were no signs of any cuts or scrapes on the bottom of her feet from the gravel road. Investigators found her shoes neatly placed next to her car. In addition, it was learned that Mrs. Dimare may have had additional accomplices. Forensic evidence confirmed that Mr. Damari was shot with a gun that belong to him.

Investigators conclude that the shooting occurred at home, in the garage before departing for dinner. The pistol used was discarded along the way, perhaps into the waterway under the two bridges that Mrs. Dimare drove over on her short path. As blood ran down out of the vehicle, it left a trail as it was driven from their residence to the location, which is only a 3-4 minute drive. She then drove the car to the N.E. 122 Street location in Sans Souci, exited, left her gloves and purse in the car, removed her shoes and placed them next to the vehicle. Walked carefully along the undeveloped field towards the gas station and then ran the last part of her path, coming from behind the gas station to the office.  

After a review of the physical evidence, it was determined that the gunshots originated from the driver’s seat. The original statements provided by Mrs. Dimare alleging that two male entered the vehicle, was never corroborated. Based on the background and context of the crime, the physical evidence from the vehicle which includes the injuries to Mr. Dimare, the inconsistent statements made by Mrs. Dimare, the motive for killing her husband was due to an impending divorce, and the fact that he was killed with his own firearm. Investigators met with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office who all agree that there is no credible evidence to support that anyone other than Frances Dimare is the person responsible for the killing of Joseph Dimare.

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