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Op-Ed: “Final Battle: The Next Election Could Be The Last” – Book By Former Marxist David Horowitz Is A Must-Read For Patriots

Pro Trump supporters at a Stop the Steal rally holding signs against the media declaring Joe Biden President elect due to voter fraud and vote count being incomplete. Nov 7, 2020, Helena, Montana. Photo credit: Brandi Lyon Photography /, licensed.
Pro Trump supporters at Stop the Steal rally holding signs against the media declaring Joe Biden President elect due to voter fraud and vote count being incomplete. Helena, Montana / Nov 7, 2020. File photo: Lyonstock, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Born in 1939 to Russian immigrant parents who were followers of Marxism, attending political demonstrations was part of David Horowitz’s childhood. His parents left the American Communist Party after a 1956 report revealed the crimes of Joseph Stalin against the Soviet people.  

You see, 50 years ago, I was a Marxist revolutionary determined to bring America as we know it to its end…I was one of them…before I saw the truth…That’s how I know the radical Left inside and out— because I was deeply involved. I was side by side with Huey Newton and the leaders of the Black Panthers. I edited Ramparts – the largest magazine for radical Marxists. But after the Black Panthers murdered my friend and aided the Communists in Vietnam, I finally opened my eyes to their lies. I cast my vote for Ronald Reagan, and never looked back. And ever since, I’ve dedicated my life to exposing and destroying their radical plans for our country.”  –David Horowitz. 

“Final Battle: The Next Election Could Be The Last” by Horowitz is a must-read for freedom-loving Americans. The pages expose the real threat that the Left poses to freedom. The rise of socialism and critical race theory, coupled with threats to the Electoral College and Senate, an independent judiciary, and the integrity of the electoral system, now threaten to destroy the traditions that bring Americans together — the heart of our democracy.  

America is under attack. But the culprits are not foreign terrorists. They are a cabal of influential and powerful Americans who have formed a party within the Democratic Party, led by radical billionaire George Soros. This Shadow Party seeks to undermine the War on Terror, destabilize the nation, and effect radical “regime change” in America.” 

The Attack on Donald Trump is an Attack on America. “For seven years the Democrats have tried to establish a one-party state, organizing criminal conspiracies run by the FBI, concocting bogus dossiers with the help of Russian agents, paid for by Hillary Clinton to smear and discredit her opponent. When Trump won the 2016 election, they went on strike forming a Resistance to sabotage his presidency.”

The Hard Truth About January 6. “This is what one expects from a fascist state not a constitutional democracy. It is a lesson ignored at our peril in revealing the criminal determination of the Democrat Party to establish a one-party state at whatever the cost, and to demonize, intimidate and suppress any opposition that stands in their way, by any means necessary.” 

Shame of the Nation. “The root cause of the American crisis is the moral depravity of the ‘Woke’ progressives.” Abortion, open borders, violent crime, abort the Court and Constitution, a One-Party State. 

I highly recommend ““Final Battle: The Next Election Could Be The Last” and I stand and applaud David Horowitz, a champion for freedom, liberty, and justice. 


Horowitz Freedom Center. He began the Center for the Study of Popular Culture in 1988 to establish a conservative presence in Hollywood and show how popular culture had become a political battleground. Over the next 18 years, CSPC attracted 50,000 contributing supporters and established programs such as The Wednesday Morning Club, the Individual Rights Foundation, and Students for Academic Freedom. The Freedom Center now includes several other programs, including Jihad WatchStop K-12 Indoctrination, and Stop Campus Jew Hatred

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Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out.” –David Horowitz 

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