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Did Florida Rep. Jeff Holcomb Misspeak When He Implied Republicans Hate LGBTQ People? 

Florida Rep. Jeff Holcomb
Republican lawmaker Jeff Holcomb ended by quoting the Navy creed: “I am committed to excellence and fair treatment of all.” Image credit: Florida House of Representatives

TALLAHASSEE, FL – There was a jaw-dropping moment on the floor of the Florida House of Representatives this week after a Republican lawmaker’s comment about who hates the LGBTQ community in the USA. 

Watch on Twitter.  

Representative Kelly Skidmore in the background gasped in disbelief of what she heard. And so did I. 


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“We bombed a building in 2017 like we never usually do. We bombed it because they threw homosexuals off that building. I just can’t let our military be labeled as racist and discrimination without a response. ISIS, the Taliban and al Qaeda. Those are the folks who discriminate,” stated Rep. Jeff Holcomb on Monday. “Our terrorist enemies hate homosexuals more than we do.” (bold emphasis mine)

Sounds like the military was standing up for homosexuals because the enemy threw them off a building. 

It’s not clear if he misspoke or intended to say it like that, but he was speaking in support of a bill that urges Congress to prohibit “woke social engineering and experimentation” that are “eroding” the military. 

What is clear is that it conflicts with the rest of his remarks. Was Holcomb saying the LGBTQ community is being discriminated against in America as well as in other countries or they are not being protected? 

Moreover, broadcasting that you and your party hate a minority on the house floor would be a political career recipe for disaster.  

Holcomb is NOT speaking for the members of the Republican Party in Florida or across the USA if he actually hates gay people. And he is certainly NOT speaking for me. This hurtful statement needs to be addressed by conservatives across the board – unless the audience misperceived the meaning of the 4 words “more than we do.” 

I noticed Holcomb’s body language and voice tone. He was not yelling and did not appear to be angry. In my opinion, he seemed somewhat nervous.  

Holcomb, who is in the Navy Reserve, ended by quoting the Navy creed: “I am committed to excellence and fair treatment of all.” 

I am confused, but giving Rep. Holcomb the benefit of the doubt. But he does need to clarify so his miscommunication doesn’t get blown out of proportion by the radical Democrats and militant trans activists.  

Carlos Guillermo Smith, a former state representative running for state Senate in Florida and a gay man, commented on Twitter: Florida GOP Representative Jeff Holcomb says the quiet part out loud on the House floor today.  

Moreover, I am baffled as to why the mainstream media mockingbirds have not jumped to conclusions and roasted Holcomb over a firepit – their usual style. Lesser-known rabid rags blew up the clouded comment immediately.  

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