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Op-Ed: Traditional Americans Are Being Coerced Not To Stand Up For Our Rights And Freedom

Currently most traditional Americans are turning a blind eye to our own government’s leadership when it is not following our constitutional laws. File photo: StockMediaSeller, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Not standing up for our rights has been a gradual progression that has become evident throughout our culture. One of the major characteristics of our citizens was that they were proud to be Americans and stood up to defend themselves against injustice. Traditional citizens voiced their approval about going to war in WWII and the Korean War demonstrating their resolve as a people to defend the right to freedom throughout the world.  America became the leader of the free world. 

Currently most traditional Americans are turning a blind eye to our own government’s leadership when it is NOT following our constitutional laws. Today’s Americans are acting like wimpy citizens. They are accepting blatant illegal government raids using the three letter agencies such as the IRS, FBI, CIA, DOJ and others to intimidate the American people to remain passive through illegal government intimidation. The unconstitutional weaponizing of our government to silence our people should cause an outrageous negative reaction against violating our constitutional rights.  It has been answered by silence.

The USA has become a nation of sheeple. Most Americans are focusing on raising their standard of living not on leading a moral and principled life. Our families have become smaller, often with both parents working, which has resulted in leaving little time to pay attention to the raising of their children. Parents are not teaching values and habits to be successful in school and life. Divorced parents have left many children with legitimate fears of abandonment and instability.

Outrageously, our teacher union members have expressed that they have more rights to the children than do the parents of those children. Government schools are indoctrinating our children with many Marxist ideas while not instructing them in basic academic skills. There are indicators of the government manipulating the minds of our children.


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During the online education stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic many parents were shocked to witness the weak and at times incorrect instructions that were given to their children. This opened the eyes of many parents who appeared at school board meetings questioning and protesting the low-level education of their children, although it had been happening for decades. President Reagan’s administration highlighted the pathetic reading and math scores of American students as compared to other nations. 

Currently government school’s number one priority is to keep order in the classroom. This is a difficult task as many students are more concerned with their social life than with their future adult one. With little parental support, teachers must deal with the moment, not developing strong, honest students who can stand up for themselves. There is no forum for a student to be defended when they stand up for themselves. Many students learn the art of dealing with the moment, not defending a position in front of authority. 

Youngsters today are not encouraged to defend themselves when children unwarrantedly attack them. When the attacker strikes them or spits in their face the child is instructed to tell the authority figure but not stand up for themselves. This is being seen in the adult world as appropriate as the child should not strike back. Parents in past generations emphasized that children had to defend themselves. In our “woke” culture even adults no longer have the right to defend themselves.

A store clerk was attacked by someone trying to rob the store. The clerk defended himself by stabbing the robber to death. The person who defended himself was initially convicted and sent to Rikers Island, the worst prison in New York instead of being hailed as a hero. Criminals who are beating innocent victims are being released by woke District Attorneys in our major cities. 

Currently our national laws are often passed by presidential fiat not by constitutional procedures. Woke fanatics are employing intimidating tactics by not allowing people with opposing ideas to express them. These controversial areas are concerning abortion, transsexuals, DEI, and other Marxist concepts. The Supreme Court justices who voted that abortion decisions were to be made by each state legislature instead of the Supreme Court were harassed and physically threatened with little protection from the executive branch.

Of course, this policy of eliminating self-defense is counterintuitive to our safety and justice but it is happening. Some of us who believe in our constitutional rights are speaking up although not many and often with significant consequence. Many are sitting back waiting for others to take care of our nation that is not following our constitutional morals and values. Americans all over our great nation have a stake in our freedom and justice. If we sit back and do nothing, we will lose everything that has made America great. 

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