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VICTIMS R US: LGBTQ Lawmakers Whine in Florida Daily Post

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Other conservative states have followed Florida’s example with bills that restrict trans people’s access to gender-affirming care, bathrooms that correspond with their gender. File photo: BalkansCat, Shutter Stock, licensed.

TAMPA BAY, FL – A recent article in The Florida Daily Post by journalist Brendan Farrington from the Lefty-leaning Associated Press oozed with self-pity as elected officials from Florida put their own spin on recent transgender legislation and kicked truth to the curb.   

My tears are for the children that are indoctrinated, groomed, and sexualized by drag queens (male predators wearing thongs, pasties, and lipstick) as they twerk in front of minors in places that are supposed to be safe for our youngest citizens.  

Around 300 hundred drag queens marched at Florida’s Capitol recently in protest of laws that safeguard minors.  

Ahem. Nobody is banning adult males from performing with mammoth prosthetic breasts in front of other adults. So, drag queens can gyrate until the cows come home – but not with children in the audience. 

My tears are for the minors that are prescribed harmful hormone drugs and have their healthy breasts and genitals cut off – only to later detransition with regrets and permanent damage to body and mind. 

My tears are for the betrayal of children by adults that are supposed to defend and protect our most innocent humans – the real victims of unscientific gender ideology. 

The outward expression is to show God’s love. That’s what I was taught,” said State Sen. Shevrin Jones, a Democrat that opposes the legislation. “I have enough tears in my car to fill a lake.” So, it appears Jones is playing the religion card.  

If there were tears in Heaven, I’m sure Jesus would be crying over the mutilated bodies of minors, the sexualization of toddlers, porn in public schools, and men in women’s bathrooms and sports competition. God created two sexes: male and female. Is God upset that humans are twisting and distorting creation? 

“More than 200 LGBTQ+ lawmakers across the country feel just like Jones, at a time when anti-gay and anti-transgender legislation is flourishing — as if they are under personal attack, and that they need to continually defend their community’s right to exist. The issue exploded into the national spotlight last week when Montana Republicans voted to bar Democratic Rep. Zooey Zephyr, who is transgender, from the House floor after a standoff over gender-affirming medical care for minors,” the article proclaims. 

Ahem. Zephyr received a consequence for being disrespectful, offensive, and for inappropriate rhetoric spewed to fellow colleagues – not for being transgendered and not for debating a bill. 

Furthermore, as an adult Zephyr can attend drag queen shows, watch adult porn, choose hormone drugs and sex reassignment surgery, and wear female attire in public. 

However, he cannot use a female public bathroom, stand naked in a female locker room, or dominate women in sports. Does Zephyr possess no empathy, compassion, or concern for biological women’s need for safety? Apparently not. He plays victimhood.  

“In the leadup to a possible presidential campaign, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis gained national attention for proposing and signing a bill to ban class discussion on sexual orientation and gender identity, which opponents have called “Don’t Say Gay” legislation,” notes Farrington. 

Ahem. The purpose of this legislation is to prevent younger children from being exposed to sex education and usurping the parent’s views and values. Education not indoctrination. It’s the children that are under attack. 

I actually have a policy of no longer crying in Tallahassee,” said Florida Rep. Michele Rayner-Goolsby. “I will cry when I go home.” 

“Other conservative states have followed Florida’s example with bills that restrict trans people’s access to gender-affirming care, bathrooms that correspond with their gender and LGBTQ+ books, as well as the ability to socially transition at school and to play sports at high school and college,” Farrington complains.  

Yes, rational citizens with common sense want biological bathrooms. And they don’t want bio males dominating bio female sports. There is no trans gene and no child is born in the wrong body. Biology is not bigotry.  

Moreover, gender dysphoria and transgenderism are mental health disorders. A waving wand does not magically turn a male into a female or a female into a male – just not possible.  

Rayner-Goolsby is the first Black lesbian lawmaker in the statehouse to be out. “I’m literally trying to exist,” said. “The harsh things we’re saying are in defense of our life. The harsh things that they’re saying are to prop up a governor’s political ambition, and their desire and quest for power.” 

Ahem. Really? So, Rayner-Goolsby’s life is in danger. Legislation to save gender-confused adolescents from permanent damage is altering her very existence – and that’s why she is forced to say “harsh things.” 

The pro-child laws are not about the adult LGBTQ community – the legislation is about protecting minors from transgenderism.  

So, whose lives are in danger? 


Playing the victim card is not befitting of any elected LGBTQ official – so just stop it. 

“The Emperor Has No Clothes! History Has Repeated Itself” is a 2019 book by Jeanne Gossett Halsey, a Christian author. “I’m a believer in Absolutes. I believe in the Laws of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Mathematics, Logic, Cosmology, and so on … and in the Word of God, the Bible. I believe in the Law of Conception: that when a female’s egg is united with the male’s sperm, a human being is created; and immediately upon fertilization, the gender has been determined by the father’s chromosomes. The embryo that grows into a fetus that is delivered as a human baby has been carrying its gender identification from its first moment of existence. The child is either a boy or a girl; no more, no less, and nothing in between. This is more than fact — it is truth. The Final Arbiter of Truth is Jesus Christ.” 

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