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Op-Ed: Florida Watch Co. Takes Firm Stand Against Bio Males Dominating Female Sports With Ad

Egard Watch Company tweeted out
Egard Watch Company tweeted out: Our ad response to woke corporate America. We are a company that believes in truth. Image credit: Egard Watch Company / Twitter.

LOS ANGELES, CA – “A luxury watch brand in Florida has taken a stand against biological males competing in women’s sports. As I type that out, it’s still hard to believe it’s a point of controversy in 2023. The absolute state of society,” proclaims Louder With Crowder.  

Wow. It’s an emotional ad that tugs at the heart. Grab a tissue.  

Egard Watch Company tweeted out that they are a “a company that believes in the truth” along with an ad called “Erased” that opposes men dominating women’s sports. 

Watch on Twitter. 


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The ad focuses on a young female track athlete with a childhood dream to be the fastest runner in the world. 

I got this little nugget of an idea from my dad. He used to watch me run and say, ‘Ain’t no woman alive that can beat you,’ and I believed him.” 

The video content makes you want to cheer for this girl and her dream. 

He made me feel invincible. It wasn’t easy. I trained hard, harder than anyone else I know. But I was made for this, an unstoppable force. A life dedicated to perfection.” 

The camera then pans to a clearly male athlete lining up against this young girl as the voiceover says, “But even perfection wouldn’t be enough.” 

Any rational person will feel a sense of injustice rise up for the females unfairly competing against males with biological advantages. The lunacy of the radical Left is front and center. 

Next, the ad goes through clips and headlines of biological males dominating women’s sports – like CeCe TelferLia Thomas, and Fallon Fox.  

Do these bio males have any integrity, honor, or dignity? They are an embarrassment to both male and female human beings. Do they believe the gender ideology fairy tale or are they attention-seeking narcissists or both? Or are they paid and controlled opposition by wealthy, deranged autocrats working to destroy cultural values in our land of liberty? 

Moreover, a mental disorder (gender dysphoria/transgenderism) is not a civil rights issue. Diagnosed individuals need evidence-based treatment.  

In 2022, Egard Watches released an ad posing the question “What is a woman?” – the same question newly named Supreme court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was unable to answer.  

Ilan Srulovicz is using his Florida jewelry company’s platform to address “woke” views on women. He warned that “new normals” are being set by corporations, and they’re targeting children.  

I feel like there’s a silent majority nowadays who just feel like they can’t have any representation of what they believe out there,” Srulovicz said.  

So anytime we put out an ad, I feel like it does open the door a bit for them to be able to say, ‘Hey, OK, it is alright for me to believe these things.” 

He called for an end to self-censoring and for people to challenge the “woke” ideology that is impacting American culture.  

Watch the interview on Fox News.  

Kudos to the fine people at the Egard Watch Company for standing up for truth and justice. 

The anti-American woke agenda and the militant trans cult movement is being exposed daily as citizens get a jolt of reality and unite. Truth is the cure for the infectious mind virus.

“We the People.” 

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