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Op-Ed: If Biden Runs, the Nation Will Stumble

Joe Biden
Joe Biden is obviously, tired, weak, weary, befuddled and an incognitive old man. He’d be a failure at taking a breakfast order for a party of four at a bagel joint. And to steal one of his lines, “I’m not kidding!” File photo: Daisy Hartmann, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – In professional sports, only the best teams vie for a trophy, a banner, cup or just the title of “Champ.” This should be the pattern followed to raise the hand in victory for our president, as well. The race for the White House is a dog-eat-dog competition. There are the endless primaries and the final run off on Election Day. This long filtration process is as grueling as in any sport and to win, the presidential candidate of either party should be physically, mentally and morally the best of the competition. Now, we’re facing the possibility of a declining Joe Biden again throwing his hat into the ring. We’d be happy to see him actually reach the ring but chances are he’s physically incapable of tossing anything. He’s an obviously, tired, weak, weary, befuddled and incognitive old man. He’d be a failure at taking a breakfast order for a party of four at a bagel joint. And to steal one of his lines, “I’m not kidding!”

We’re told through his cutie-pie press secretary, that his announcement to run will come this week. Most of his own party wishes he doesn’t make that mistake but what can they do? If they tell it as they want to, they’ll undercut his presidency and prestige for the nest year and a half. After all, the guy is an obvious openly decrepit 80 year old. His actual physical and mental state is a secret. He’s been medically evaluated but for obvious reasons, the results have never been disclosed. And as the days and weeks go by, he continues to go downhill. He stumbles even going up stairs. He can’t remember names. He can’t seem to find his way off stages. He mumbles his words which are usually garbled and not found in the dictionary. He may not even make it to Election Day. He was kept in the basement for over a year in 2020 while others campaigned for his presidency. We now know why. He couldn’t physically and mentally make it through the ordeal. Those in the know, primarily his wife, shamefully knew the score. The same scene is now ready to repeat itself, to our horror. 

In addition, the ugly involvement of son, Hunter Biden, may be rolled out soon as an unprecedented scenario exposing the criminalities of the Biden Family, including Joe himself, as Boss of all Bosses. The Republican leadership may be holding back on pulling the curtains open to the treasonous financial relationships with China, Ukraine and other nations, of the Biden Crime Family until after Joe is nominated. With the Hunter Biden Laptop as main evidence together with other evidence and witnesses ready to be unveiled, the candidacy of Biden in 2024, has been crippled. In the eyes of many know-it-alls. A Biden run would end up as a disaster for the Party but mostly for America. 

The Democrats are up against the wall. They chose Kamala Harris as VP for some strange, unaccountable reason in the last election. We believe she’s out of the running as is obvious by her being sent any where in the world as long as it’s far away from our shores. She’s proven useless as the border czar and her hysterical laughter is already a Saturday Night Live scenario. Women of all colors dislike her. So, who would replace Biden as a candidate? Gavin Newsom, the current Governor of California is now major contender for the nomination. His failures in the Golden State are numerous but his Hollywood features and composure may do the trick. And don’t, at this stage of the game, discount Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as a nominee. She’s a young, attractive, Hispanic woman. However, she’s as dumb as dirt, but politics is a strange game. It’s our call for the Democrats to seriously search their rolls to find someone who can adequately fill the seat of President, if elected.

Biden being in office right now renders us leaderless. We are now in a very vulnerable situation. China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are on the move. Our never ending supplying of military equipment and funds to Ukraine in their stand-off war with Russia is draining us dry. China is girdling Taiwan with its navy and Iran is ready to unleash military attacks on Israel from its bases in Syria, Lebanon and its completion of a nuclear bomb ready to unload on Israel is only weeks away. Our enemies sense our growing military weakness, lack of direction and lowered morale. They are licking their chops to have Biden stay in power. And don’t doubt for a second that they will, through other sources, advance the funds necessary for his campaign. If our enemies are so desirous of him remaining in office, why would any American do so as well?  We implore the Democrat Party to think twice before nominating Joe Biden to run again. We need a leader, not a loser. Most of an awake America joins us in our plea.

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