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“Make America Florida” Committee to Shape 2024 National Republican Party Platform

Governor’s bid to take over the Reedy Creek Improvement District – a promise that he made in 2022 after a spat with the entertainment giant over their public opposition to a state law that restricts teacher/student discussion on gender and sexual identity in school classrooms – has seemingly backfired due to a loophole in the agreement that may strip the new board members of nearly all of their oversight ability. 

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Florida Republican Party Chair Christian Ziegler announced the Make America Florida Committee, an effort by the Florida GOP to shape the 2024 National Republican Party Platform. Ziegler says Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature lead the nation on issues that affect every day Americans, according to an article in The Florida Standard

When I visit any of the other 49 states, I always hear that they want more Florida in their state, and it ain’t the sunshine and beaches they are talking about,” Ziegler declares. “There is a strong hunger for Florida Freedom, which is why I have launched the Florida GOP Make America Florida Committee.” 

State Committeeman Chris Russell (Wakulla County) is Chair of the Make America Florida Committee. 

“The governor and the legislature have made Florida a top destination for families and businesses – people are yearning to live in the free state of Florida,” Russell proclaims. “They’ve laid out a plan that fellow Republicans around the U.S. can follow and build upon.” 

Find a list of the Committee Members here. 

The Make America Florida political action committee was registered with the Federal Elections Commission on April 2, 2021. 

Make America Florida is a phrase coined by DeSantis supporters that suggests the policies he has instated as Governor of Florida could further work across the whole of the USA, notes HITC

In his book, DeSantis outlines how the challenges he faced in Florida are about the “foundational principles” of Americans and how the changes he implemented in Florida can be implemented across the US. 

The battles we have fought in Florida—from defeating the biomedical security state to stifling woke corporations to fighting indoctrination in schools—strike at the heart of what it means to be a Floridian and an American,” an excerpt from his book reads, according to Fox News. 

Take a peek at the Make America Florida merchandise here.  

Kudos to Team DeSantis and Florida’s Republican Party and conservative citizens. Bring out the Key lime pie and lemonade. And Make America Florida!

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