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Op-Ed: Social Justice And The Confiscation Of Guns Is Making U.S. Less Safe

People hold signs during peaceful Black Lives Matter protest march, one of many in San Diego County. One sign reads Defund Police.
the message has become “defund the police” which means fewer police like that would result in less violence and greater justice. File photo: Simone Hogan, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Many Americans are confused as to why criminals and dangerous mentally ill citizens are not being locked up to protect our communities. The infamous billionaire, George Soros, has given money to liberal district attorneys like Alvin Bragg of NYC. They release criminals back on the street with no incarceration or other long-term consequences. 

It appears the rights of dangerous perpetrators in our communities are more important than those of the innocent. The victims are the innocent citizens who are constantly being ignored.  Mentally ill individuals who are dangerous to self and others are no longer being institutionalized to protect the public. The protection of criminals and mentally ill has superseded the rights of law-abiding citizens. The legal system has been turned upside-down. 

Our social justice indoctrination from the federal government has reversed the priorities of maintaining a stable and safe society. During the 2020 George Floyd riots the media and some federal officials emphasized the police department’s inappropriate, abusive arresting of blacks. This incident ignited the Black Lives Matter movement. The riots instigated burning and destruction of businesses night after night. They glorified the behavior of the crowd who chanted many racist and anti-cop slogans like: “Pigs in blankets, fry ‘em like bacon.” 

Many university associated people participated in these demonstrations. Their attention was focused on the police who were in a defensive position to ensure the violence did not spread by agitators from antifa and other groups. The focus was on the “repressive police,” black or white, who were trying to maintain law and order. All police became the target of the BLM movement. 

Eventually the message became “defund the police” which meant fewer police would result in less violence and greater justice. Was the prediction wrong?! Violence in cities has skyrocketed. The results of these decisions cannot be disputed. The handcuffing of the police and the decrease in the number of police officers along with the policy of shying away from direct confrontation led to out-of-control violence all over our nation.

A significant portion of defunding the police funding was supposed to go to improving mental health. The money did not go for treatment or an increase in institutionalizing dangerous mentally deranged citizens. Since the late 1950s the deinstitutionalization of psychiatric facilities has decreased the availability of mental health services. Mentally bizarre behavior customarily is handled by the police department and aggressive or violent people are taken to jail or prison after being interrogated by the investigator. They are usually not taken to mental institutions as these institutions are few and far between. The mentally ill are often imprisoned without psychiatric intervention. Most who are severely impaired are held in prison and eventually released back into the streets with no or minimal psychiatric intervention.

The Coventry School shooter in Nashville, Tennessee was alleged to have had mental health issues. Audrey Hale had reportedly written a manifesto about her plans to shoot students in different schools, which to date has not been released by the federal government. LGBTQ+ advocates said there would be serious consequences for the public release of the manifesto. Other shooters’ manifestos have been released.

Currently federal and some state governments evaluating the incredible increase in violence, are not blaming criminal release policies. They are focusing on the increase of guns in the hands of adolescents for the current wave of violence. It is never about the government’s withholding prosecution of criminals. It is societal discrimination and prejudice against social justice victims that is the cause of the violence.

Instead of focusing on the obvious cause of the increasing criminal incidents, the Biden administration wants to eliminate citizen’s ownership of guns. Eliminating the Second Amendment rights of people has been a long-range goal of progressives. This confiscation of guns would make it impossible for citizens to revolt against a repressive government. It would give repressive officials the green light to control every aspect of the society without concern.  

Law abiding citizens should be protected by the government through blind justice for all. Our society is being divided by “woke” politicians, corporate heads, and communist intellectuals. The patriotic, religious, and law-abiding citizens must be protected by locking up criminals and potentially violent mentally ill people. Society’s stability and safety will return when criminals and the mentally ill are no longer free to roam the streets. They need help and should not be left to viciously attack others. We need to increase places for the mentally ill to be housed to protect them and innocent citizens from them. Law abiding citizens have the right to their safety.

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