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Op-Ed: Trans Journal Association Made Up Own Hivemind Manifesto For Reporting On Gender Ideology – It’s Biased, Subjective, & Slanted

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There is no swifter route to the corruption of thought than through the corruption of language.” –George Orwell 

PORTSMOUTH, OH  – The Trans Journalist Association: a cult movement troop of biased journalists/reporters pushing their own personal transgender experience agenda; a clique of radical liberal writers that use skewed content based on emotions for news stories.

The following is an article on their website: 

My interpretation: Trans journalists will bully other reporters who differ in opinions and viewpoints from gender ideology. We will tell you what to write and how to write it because we know best about trans issues.  

“The Trans Journalists Association exists to support gender-expansive journalists in their workplaces and careers through community support; to promote more accurate, nuanced coverage of trans issues and communities in the media; and to help news organizations make their workplaces more supportive of trans staffers and freelancers.” 

My interpretation: We will demand the media use our opinions, views, thoughts, ideas, emotions, behaviors, and so forth. We will not apply hard science or biology to transgenderism – it doesn’t fit our narrative. We will demand that workplaces give us special rights and accommodate our trans needs over the needs of other employees. 

The Trans Journalists Association manufactured their own Style Guide.  

My interpretation: We deserve extra rights and privileges, therefore we made our own rules for reporting and covering stories about transgenderism. We are entitled to say anything we want about gender ideology or LGBTQ issues and other reporters are not. There is no room for debate, conversation, or consideration of opinions that do not mimic our manifesto madness. 

“TJA’s style guide includes in-depth explanations about why common mistakes cis reporters make when covering trans people—like dead-naming subjects, or being unnecessarily verbose when explaining how someone identifies and what pronouns they use—are harmful.

My interpretation: Journalists must use trans language or we will play the victim card and shame/blame you. Use the wrong pronoun (aka the right pronoun) and we will accuse you of being a transphobe, a bigot, and a LGBTQ hater.  

“The number one way to improve trans coverage is to hire trans people. Because of their lived experiences, trans reporters often have a much deeper and more nuanced understanding of trans issues and gender than even the best cis reporters… Hire trans sensitivity readers.” 

My interpretation: We want news rooms to discriminate against other journalists by only hiring trans-identifying individuals. We will break the law and we don’t care if you file a federal civil rights complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Commission (EEOC). 

According to the guide, here are some questions trans journalists can ask themselves: 

  • Have I quoted more than one transgender person? 
  • Is at least one of those transgender people an expert in their field? 
  • Is at least one of those transgender people “not a white transgender woman?” (bold emphasis mine)  

My interpretation: A White transgender woman is a White biological male, so we will discriminate against you because of White supremacy and anti-White racism. 

“Journalists should make a habit of asking sources for their pronouns, so they don’t misgender someone in their coverage. This guidance applies to all coverage and beats, as trans people exist throughout different communities and industries.” 

My interpretation: Other journalists will kowtow to us and ask all people about gender and pronouns because trans journalists (erroneous believe) they rule the entire world of media. 

“Avoid equating gender and anatomy in your coverage. This is particularly prevalent when writing about “men’s health” and “women’s health.” Consider whether that framing is trans-inclusive.”  

My interpretation: Since biological men that identify as women, in many cases, still have genitals, we must pretend they don’t. We must pretend bio males have vaginas, can become pregnant, and deliver babies through the vaginal canal. It’s part of our cult rhetoric.  

“Don’t ask someone about their genitals, hormones, or medical procedures. In rare cases where this information is relevant to the story, ask the person you’re interviewing whether they’re comfortable sharing this information publicly before asking for these personal details.” 

My interpretation: Reporters must live in la-la-land and make-believe a trans person is no different by denying biology, anatomy, physiology, genetics.  

“Additionally, coverage of transition-related care tends to focus on the potential risks of such care, especially when it comes to young people. Journalists should cover these stories with extra thoughtfulness and not overemphasize them. Activists and politicians often use this sort of coverage to justify denying lifesaving care to trans people.”  

My interpretation: Adjust the content and facts of your story to avoid the truth about scientific facts and valid research results because we want all trans people, especially minors be receive harmful hormone drugs and mutilation surgeries. If the info doesn’t fit into our box – then don’t bury it and don’t print it. And use the suicide “lifesaving” rhetoric as a fearmonger tactic. 

“Journalists should also avoid describing certain features as masculine, feminine, or androgynous unless a source uses that language themself or are comfortable with it.”  

My interpretation: Filter all info and content about biological males vs. females. We must push the propaganda at all costs and deny two sexes of male and female. 

“Often, the media will quote sources saying they feel as though they’ve lost their trans relative, lover, or friend. While loved ones of trans people often need to process that their loved one is trans, it is overdone and unoriginal to emphasize the grief of cis family and partners. These stories also center cis people in stories about trans people.”  

My interpretation: Who cares about the grief of loved ones when an individual has sex reassignment surgery? Focus only on how the trans person thinks, feels, and behaves. Don’t print anything that is true about family members that disagree with unscientific gender ideology and the denial of biology. 

“Trans stories often use stereotypically gendered imagery. For instance, a trans woman putting on makeup or wearing heels or a trans man going to the gym. This imagery reinforces the harmful idea that trans people’s genders are superficial.” 

My interpretation: Trans-identifying individual’s genders are superficial, but we must deny, deny, deny. Don’t cover bio male Dylan Mulvaney (pretending to be a woman) because he acts like a caricature of a female high on hairspray.  

“Report carefully on anti-trans hate. Like anti–gay rights groups or climate science deniers, anti–trans rights groups and individuals push a fringe, radical agenda…Avoid giving a platform to TERFs or so-called “gender critical feminists.” Avoid disinformation on “rapid onset gender dysphoria.” Do not emphasize detransitioning or report disinformation on those who stop transition-related care.” 

My interpretation: Do not tell the truth about people that admit they made a grave mistake in having healthy breasts or genital removed because that would hurt our trans cult movement. Shun and smear the medical professionals and mental health professionals that use valid and reliable research. 

Avoid the terms “biological gender,” “biological sex,” “biological woman,” “biological female,” “biological man,” or “biological male.”  

My interpretation: Change the language to gaslight and brainwash the public. Use this tactic consistently. Change language to change perception. 

Use the term “reproductive health” instead of “women’s health” when writing about abortion, birth control, and other reproductive health issues. Additionally, use gender-neutral language like “people who menstruate” when writing about people who get pregnant, menstruate, need access to abortion, and other related topics.  

My interpretation: Deny the biological functions of the female body to continue our fairytale fallacy. Pretend bio men can have monthly periods. Pretend that bio females that transition are men. Then reporters can say that men with beards can become pregnant and breastfeed. 

It’s frightful that people who are so ignorant should have so much influence.” –George Orwell 


The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.” –George Orwell 

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