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Op-Ed: Message To No-Talent Lizzo Drag Queen (A Dude) – No Bans on Adults Entertaining Adults in Adult Places in Tennessee

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Melissa Jefferson, known professionally as Lizzo, on WOW Presents Plus, a subscription-based streaming service owned by World of Wonder. Image credit: Lizzo – WOWPresents – YouTube

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  Lizzo, a biological man dressed like a stripper, performed on stage at the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tenn., and invited several drag queens (aka heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual males) to join her in a protest against recent legislation to protect minors.

The Advocate, a LGBTQ news source noted, “In light of recent and tragic events and current events, I was told by people on the internet, ‘Cancel your shows in Tennessee,’ ‘Don’t go to Tennessee,’” Lizzo said during the show. “Their reason was valid, but why would I not come to the people who need to hear this message the most?” 

Yes, deviancy begets deviancy. 

Someone needs to tell these flamboyant and flaky men that nobody is banning drag performances by adults in places that only allow adults. Duh. They can twerk and jerk and dance and prance until the cows come home because sane and sensible don’t give a rat’s patootie – unless children are in the audience. 

But these male divas love to whine – while drawing attention to themselves. Boo-hoo. VICTIMS R US.  

Republican Gov. Bill Lee recently signed into law a bill that would criminalize public drag performances in front of minors. The law, however, has been temporarily halted after a Memphis-based theater group sued over the legislation. 

Warning: And by the way, don’t scroll down from the Lizzo story because you’ll find a deviant article titled 26 Things Gay Sex Workers Want You to Know. I’m just letting you know The Advocate also contains smut, pics of naked men, and debauchery.  

While complaining that drag queens can no longer indoctrinate, groom, and sexualize children in schools, another article in The Advocate objected to Senate Bill 1515 in Texas which would require the display of the Ten Commandments and Senate Bill 1396 which would require public schools to set aside time for students and staff to read the Bible. Both bills follow the 2021 policy that required schools to display “In God We Trust” signs donated by community members. Texas lawmakers recently approved legislation that bans sexually explicit books from school libraries, and mandates parental consent for sexually relevant books. 

The radical and raunchy LGBTQ community kicked out God long ago and invited Satan to their parties, pageants, parades, and they promote books on gay porn for minors in public and school libraries.  

But the rational LGBTQ community, Gays Against Groomers, is speaking out for minors. “Our community that once preached love and acceptance of others has been hijacked by radical activists who are now pushing extreme concepts onto society, specifically targeting children in recent years. The overwhelming majority of gay people are against what the community has transformed into, and we do not accept the political movement pushing their agenda in our name,” declares Gays Against Groomers on their website. 


 The predatory drag queen cult is hopping mad that lawmakers are passing bills to protect children. And so is Satan.  

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