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Op-Ed: Leftist Inspired Immorality Destroying Our Nation

mental disorder
The mental disorder of Transgenderism infects people who apparently are unhappy with their birth sex. So they arbitrarily make the decision to act out the charade of verbally, chemically or surgically trying to change nature’s decision. File photo: Ground Picture, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – It seems to be that this once great nation, already plagued with the slings and arrows of illegal immigration, continued rising inflation, a shortage of shelf goods, horrendous crime rates, energy dependency on enemies, threats of war and a horrendous education system, just for for starters, now has to contend with a mortal threat to our morality; namely, The mental disorder of Transgenderism. This mental disease infects people who apparently are unhappy with their birth sex. So they arbitrarily make the decision to act out the charade of verbally, chemically or surgically trying to change nature’s decision. A farce, but now being an acceptable scenario for the LBGTQ+ group, which seems to have a growing strangle hold on our media and the radical Leftist-Progressives. Even on the White House occupant.

This latest blow to our nation’s cultural underpinnings had its origin with the Karl Marx Communist Manifesto which called out the many ways in which innocent people could be manipulated to bring down their democratically elected, capitalistic governments. The mind manipulation of this theory that people can change their sexes by causing conflicts and separating people with such outrageous lunacy is part of the Marxist plan to destroy the family and organized religions, the pillars of every democracy It’s now in full swing and doing its job. Government-wise, two Transgenderites (that we’re aware of) were appointed to rule over us by President Joe Biden. Sam Brinton, a key federal nuclear official, was caught stealing women’s luggage from airports as a means to get female attire, had taken many pictures depicting himself as a woman. The other more prominent and auspicious sicko, Admiral Rachel Levine, now sits as the nation’s Assistant Secretary of Health, usually pictured fully rigged out in a military uniform bearing four stars, apparently ready to go to the front lines into battle. She was formerly known to the world as Richard Levine. More such individuals may be outed when they attempt to get star billing in the press.

And those supporting Transgenderism recently gave a shout out to the Annheuser-Busch Corporation, the makers of Bud Light, a major beer that formerly catered in its commercials to sports minded, down to earth he-men who spent their Sundays glued to watching NFL games and slugging down bottles of Bud-Light. No more. Reason? Recently they hired out Dylan Mulvaney, a male, bone-thin Transgenderite, all dolled up in pearls, slinky female attire and make up, to hawk Bud-Light in its TV ads. A big mistake. Sales plummeted, its stock rattled around and its future in bars and store shelves now in doubt. One wonders how highly paid Busch executives could OK such a ridiculous ad featuring a Transvestite to plug the most masculine of all products. Evidentally, Marxism works in strange ways to destroy the foundations of capitalism, no matter what.

Families dealing with children infected with this malady, seeking psychological help to have their kids counseled on the problems affecting most Transgenderites over years, such as suicides, took them to their respected psychiatrists, psychologists and other licensed mental health professionals for guidance. But in cities across the nation such as Boca Raton and the County of Palm Beach, both in Florida, elected officials banned such professionals from working with such clients. But thank goodness, last week courts overturned these radical decisions and gave the green light to permit such counseling and save the futures of many. The Marxists wanted to destroy the First Amendment and the freedom of parents to safeguard their kids from tragedy. We won, they lost.

We must understand the plans of those who wish to destroy our country. They attempt to erode the cohesiveness of our nation by attacking the family and our religious beliefs; the Judeo/Christian values, the foundation upon which our great country was built. They are relentless and smart. They prey on the weak-minded and cater to the needs of those easily manipulated and willing to be used. And within the sexually confused mini-minority they have found a crowd eager to sacrifice their liberties for headlines and the pats on the back they receive from the mindless mass of Liberal/Progressive/Leftists who would support any movement that would erode our current democracy. And we truly mean: Any movement!!!
Let’s wise up to, battle, defeat them and save our G-d granted way of life before they overwhelm us.

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