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Op-Ed: What Is A Woman?

File photo: Galina Barskaya, Shutter Stock, licensed.
File photo: Galina Barskaya, Shutter Stock, licensed.

MANATEE COUNTY, FL –  I am a woman. 100% biologically created in vitro and brought to life as a XX. Through the decades of my life, I developed breast, began menses at age 11, gave birth to a biological XY boy, breast fed him; and, at the age of 50, I transitioned through menopause.

The aforementioned describes biological and genetic changes through various stages of my life. However, I have a lilting, soft voice. My hands are small with long, elegant fingers. My hair is a soft, curly red that falls below my shoulders. I was a ballet dancer for 10 years, and my feet are high arched and soft, albeit with toes that were broken from dancing. I have gun metal blue eyes that are sharp and focused; and I was blessed with a beautiful smile that encourages the multitude of dimples in my face. I’ve been told that I am a very pretty woman, perhaps best evidenced as a model in my youth.

I work hard to maintain my hourglass figure, as aging can challenge even the greatest of metabolisms. I wear dresses, skirts, pants and many types of shoes—In fact, I’ve been called a shoe and clothes horse for years, as I adore looking “put together” and displaying my very feminine traits.

Despite my God given and hard maintained attributes, I’ve also been a negotiator for global corporations. These positions afforded me the opportunities to travel both domestically and internationally on my employer’s “dime.” My professional goal was to achieve the level of vice president by the age of 30…I missed that aspiration by a year. In summary, I have always been assertive and ambitious oriented woman—I was very successful in my career endeavors.

Additionally, I’ve had the pleasure of being a man’s wife. My husband was a 39-year Peace Officer who died in the line of duty—A tragedy that crush my heart but didn’t break me. In fact, it strengthened my desire for Justice, as well as my empathy for victims. We military and paramilitary spouse survivors suffer greatly. Most of us avidly support our veterans and Peace Officers, because they preform a function that is not only dangerous, but secures our safety.

For you see, I am NOT a feminist, and the motion that any woman needs that label amuses me. I cannot fathom the absurd necessity of any biological woman requiring a title which objectively is redundant. As a XX biological woman, of course I possess the qualities and qualifications of femininity. As such, I wonder why certain XX women feel the need to subjugate and demand a leveling playing field, which only equals bottom line pay. Do they understand they are devaluing the very “essence” of what it means to be a woman? This demand for conformity cheapens the strong lines which separate XX humans from XY humans, thus blurring and diminishing said object differences. Those deltas give XX humans unique power over XY humans; and the juxtaposition is true for XY humans.

I have watch with a jaundiced eye biological men who “transition” into a “woman.” The notion that these biological XY men who take hormone therapy and surgical procedures to create the illusion of a female is interesting. I say “interesting,” because despite all the hormones and surgeries, their DNA will always type them as XY men. They are NOT a woman.

While I take only a mediocre issue with the “needs” of these people, I wonder how many comprehensive psychological tests have to be passed to pursue this alteration? Most conservatives categorize these people as “mentally challenged,” as evidenced by the increasingly violent behavior they inflict on innocent people. Do the hormone cocktails taken to necessitate and maintain the illusion of being a woman are catalysts for such aggressive and violent behavior, as well the total mental breakdown that springboards them into such savage acts? Is there statistical data that supports these incidences are NOT the result of a hormone induced psychosis, or that the people were mentally unstable at the start?

The inequality that is occurring in woman’s sports is categorically wrong. Biological XY transitioned men competing against biological XX women is an affront to me. As it should be to all biological XX women. Transgender identity is generally found in less than 1% of the worldwide population, with figures ranging from <0.1% to 0.6%.  So the idea of this small population demanding “Special Treatment,” just because they’ve decided to be different is disparaging to real, biological XX women.

Where’s the outrage ladies? Does it not bother you that you’re being slowly cast aside by these imposters? Why aren’t we all positively infuriated by this influx subculture? Where are the “Women’s Liberation” bra burners of the 1970s on this issue? Biologically women are being discarded because it is “politically correct” for liberals to endorse this fabrication of confusion over “womanhood.” Emotionally jumbled, fraudulent “women” who want to go into our children’s schools and dance or read for them. Teach them about their alphabet soup epithet and pronoun identities. I mean, I am a grown woman, and I can’t keep up with this nonsense—How or better, WHY should our children?

Why aren’t ethics, real world and American history, civics, algebra, geometry, government, fine arts and sports the curriculum? Not dancing caricatures of biological women. Shouldn’t American children understand about our Constitutional Republic, the three branches of government, why there are 13 stripes and 50 stars on the American flag? Shouldn’t we arm these children with the knowledge necessary to govern our country in the future? They are the people that will be making life altering decisions that will affect our lives in our dotage.

I believe it is my personal responsibility for becoming more ethical than the society in which I grew up. That I have a duty to stand up and declare wrong, especially when it is unpopular in so doing. That as a part of civilization, I owe children a voice that educates and engages them in understanding that popular social and political movements can be dangerous to the sum of the whole. That standing up against the tide, while precarious, creates conversations that lead to free thinking and decision making that is for the better good of all mankind.

Finally, I’m exhausted by this woke mentality and so are millions of other humans. These transgender and woke, pronoun proficient contour asking why this is so upsetting to biological men and women. Really? Here’s why:

“The rest of society were living our lives and minding our own business, when you demanded we abandon everything we know about physical reality for your sake. People demanding to walk into whatever bathroom you want, any sports team you want—Nobody has ever had this right. No one. To just do whatever they want, do whatever they want. But then you came after our children, seeking to suck them into this suicide cult, just to make yourselves ‘feel’ better. You tried to restructure human society to make it affirming to you personally. You want to force the whole world to bend to your narcissism. You tried to put words in our mouth even when you’re not in the room. Your ego is so out of control, that you even tried to take possession of parts of the English language, like you can own them.”

Matt Walsh

As a XX biological woman I believe all of this to be true. And, while everyone in the world is searching for the definition of the word “woman,” I believe I’ve aptly provided the answer. While I can’t fathom why the interpretation of a woman eludes anyone. Is so basic and rote, a story retold trillions of times over.

A “woman” is a XX person who can share their body with another human being, essentially become a “Host,’ until that other being is able to thrive outside the XX woman’s womb.

There endith the lesson.

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