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Op-Ed: Collier County Florida Achieves Monumental Win For Health Freedom – Thumps Up To The Commission

A resolution that says the county will protect individual liberties in case something similar to another pandemic hits in the future passed 4-1 with Commissioner Burt Saunders casting the only dissenting vote, the article notes. File photo: Kristi Blokhin, Shutter Stock, licensed.

COLLIER COUNTY, FL – This is me smiling and clapping for the daring leaders of Collier County in the Sunshine State. The County Commission unanimously passed a “health freedom bill of rights” that supporters say protects personal liberties in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and government overreach, as reported by The Naples Daily News.  

The ordinance addressed the concerns of residents and prohibited COVID-19 vaccine mandates, mask mandates, quarantines, and vaccine passports. 

A resolution that says the county will protect individual liberties in case something similar to another pandemic hits in the future passed 4-1 with Commissioner Burt Saunders casting the only dissenting vote, the article notes. 

“Dr. George Yiachos, a board-certified cardiologist in Naples and supporter of the ordinance and resolution, spoke about heart inflammation tied to the vaccine. For those who have not gotten vaccinated there is fallout, such as being denied transplants, he said.” 


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Kudos for Yiachos for speaking out on the reported side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Resolution rights for residents:

  • No medical mandates 
  • Right to no discrimination based on their healthcare decisions. 
  • Informed consent without interference 
  • Right to personalized care 
  • Right to not be refused care 
  • Right of free movement; travel in Collier cannot be restricted based on vaccine status 
  • Right to medical advocate 
  • Right to forego unlawful quarantine  

“Unless compelled by federal or state law, Collier County does not recognize any authority by the World Health Organization or any other international body to impose any health mandates or directives within Collier County.” (bold emphasis mine) 

Folks, the World Health Organization (WHO) is in league with the United Nations (UN) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) – three nefarious organizations the recently merged and are managed by self-appointed dictators of the New World Order (i.e., the Great Reset agenda and the Fourth Industrial Revolution). Freedom-loving Americans do not need to be controlled by the WHO if another pandemic should manifest on the planet. The USA is a sovereign nation and a US Republic with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights.


 Dr. Yiachos and Scott Kiley join the ‘Tea Time’ hosts to outline their successful efforts made in protecting human rights. The ordinance and resolution they passed with the county commission in Collier County Florida is one that works as an example for advocacy efforts across the country. What strategies were successful, and how were the World Health Organization (WHO), patient rights and vaccine passports involved? Watch video on Children’s Health Defense website HERE. 

Thumbs up to the Collier County Commission for making a historical decision for their residents. Hopefully, the remaining 66 Florida counties will vote for health freedom. 

I would like to challenge every mayor and city council in Florida to schedule city/county meetings to discuss and vote on a “health freedom bill of rights.” Collier County is the bold blueprint. 

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