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Op-Ed: A Heavy Burden for Democrats

 Image credit: Peter Lemiska
mericans across the board believe the country is on the wrong track, and less than 40 percent of Democrats want Biden to seek another term. Image credit: Peter Lemiska

WASHINGTON D.C. – It seemed like a good idea at the time. Not that long ago, Democrats were desperate to unseat the Republican president, the man responsible for such unbearable anguish among liberals and progressives. They saw Joe Biden as their best opportunity to do that. They called him an elder statesman, a diplomat. They said he was experienced and well-respected. He was also gushing with promises to unite the country, but they didn’t really care about that. They just wanted to beat Trump.

Biden was none of the things they claimed. But they didn’t want to hear the truth. After choosing him, they closed their eyes to many red flags that began to pop up. They ignored the warning of Barack Obama’s Secretary of Defense, who wrote that Biden was “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Even disturbing comments by Obama, himself, went unheeded. According to Politico, Obama said of Biden: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f- things up.” Besides those clear warnings, questions were beginning to surface about Biden’s mental acuity. And credible allegations of influence peddling also began to percolate before his election. All of it was ignored by the press, the DNC and Democrat voters.

But that election is ancient history. Today, Democrats have real concerns about Biden’s ability to win another election. The man they once touted as their champion has become a burden, an anchor around the neck of the DNC. The polls confirm it. Americans across the board believe the country is on the wrong track, and less than 40 percent of Democrats want Biden to seek another term.

What’s behind Joe Biden’s reversal of fortune?

First, even committed Democrats can no longer deny Biden’s obvious confusion and mental decline. They’re realizing that elections do have consequences, and many have come to understand the catastrophic consequences of entrusting their lives, the lives of their families, and the country’s future to an addled and corrupt politician.

And though they may find it hard to admit, just like everyone else, they’re also feeling the economic pain of today’s high gas prices and rampant inflation. They know deep down that it was directly caused by Biden’s policies.

Likewise, Democrats are also parents. Many have school-age children. Like other parents, they must be livid about the increasing numbers of teachers robbing their children of their innocence, covertly introducing them to adult sexual practices of all kinds. They are, or should, be outraged by the insidious attempts to foster distrust between young students and their families, going so far as to encourage gender transition without the knowledge or consent of parents. And it must infuriate those parents when they’re labeled domestic terrorists for protecting their children, for forcefully objecting to those school policies.

Joe Biden backs the teachers’ unions and fully supports the sexualization of children. Asked to comment on Florida’s prohibition of transgender ideology in the classroom, he called the ban “almost sinful.”    

Then there’s the border issue. Democrats have stood by silently as millions of unidentified foreign citizens continue to flood across Biden’s open border, a border that was secured by the last administration. Maybe they do see those illegal immigrants as future Democrat voters. But do those votes outweigh the death and suffering brought to America by the criminals and gang members hidden among Joe’s invitees? Do future Democrat voters outweigh the countless America deaths caused by the drugs freely flowing across the border? No doubt, many Democrats have already suffered because of Biden’s border policies. Besides all that, the threat of another major terrorist attack on American soil has increased significantly, thanks to Biden’s open borders. Surely, more than a few Democrats have been weighed down by those concerns.

It must have been a gargantuan effort for patriotic and well-meaning Democrats to support Joe’s weight for the past two years. To lighten their load, and for the good of the party, they had to shed many of their own convictions and perhaps a bit of their conscience. We have to wonder if, for them, there’s not one last straw that will finally break the camel’s back. What will it take for them to say they’ve had enough of Biden’s policies? Maybe it will be the growing anarchy spreading to their own neighborhoods, or the FBI infiltrating their own churches or synagogues.   

Conscientious Democrats who are tired of carrying Biden’s weight might be asking themselves if they’re willing to again compromise their own integrity and common sense to support him through another election. They might even be questioning the likelihood that any Democrat president would reverse Biden’s policies and restore our country to normalcy – to the greatness it once was.

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