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Op-Ed: Exclusive Treatment For Trans People By RINO Mayor Suarez & Miami’s Lackey Liaison Roman – Why?

The City of Miami’s LGBTQIA Advisory Board is hosting a focus group designed to develop strategies to make Miami more welcoming for trans people. File photo: Felix Mizioznikov, Shutter Stock, licensed.

MIAMI, FL – Once again, Miami leaders are handing out special treatment to a select segment of the LGBTQ community. Why does a group of people identifying as transgender receive extra resources from elected officials? If I decided to become a nonbinary unicorn, would I be treated with taxpayer’s hard-earned money and celebrated? 

And what is Miami doing to support detransitioners? 

The City of Miami’s LGBTQIA Advisory Board is hosting a focus group designed to develop strategies to make Miami more welcoming for trans people. The focus group is part of Miami’s Accelerate Change Together LGBTQ+ Initiative, a plan put in place to address health inequities in the LGBTQIA community, according to an article in South Florida Gay News. 

Peruse the 6-page annual report for 2022. “To serve as a forum to which individuals and groups can express concerns related to issues of homophobia and transphobia.” (bold emphasis mine) 

Oh, residents better not disagree with rainbow flags painted on streets or unscientific gender ideology and transgenderism that denies biology. The gender police will be knocking on your door.  


 The last page of the report says “LGBTQ annual purchasing power in South Florida is $8 billion.” 

Oh, could that financial info be why Miami gives extra kudos to the LGBTQ community? Hmmm. Follow the money trail. 

Michael Roman, Miami’s liaison to the LGBTQIA community, stays busy with the Accelerate Change Together focus group for trying to raise the Human’s Rights Campaign’s annual 

municipal equality index.  

Hmmm. What about the nontrans citizens, heterosexual citizens, Cuban citizens, Christian citizens, Muslim citizens, and the rest of the citizens residing in Miami? Do they have a human’s rights scorecard?  

Via the Miami government website: “Accelerate Change Together is an initiative focused on addressing health inequity in the City of Miami LGBTQIA+ community and supported by The City of Miami, Urban Health Partnerships and the CDC. The goal is to strengthen the community’s capacity to collaboratively plan and collectively carry out strategies to close the Social Determinants of the Health equity gap, thereby improving the health of the LGBTQIA+ community.” 

What about the health of non-LGBTQ citizens? Why doesn’t that matter to the mayor? 

Florida Dept of Agriculture & Consumer Services LGBTQ+ Resources is listed on the government page. Why does the LGBTQ receive exclusive services from this agency? 

Folks, grant funding for unique LGBTQ events or medical services also comes out of the taxpayer’s pocket. 

RINO Miami Mayor Francis Suarez helped sponsor the ordinance and the exclusive board that caters to the LGBTQ citizens, while thumping a nose at other residents. The purpose of the board is to advise the City Commission, mayor, city departments and governmental entities on issues that impact the LGBT community.  

What issues impact other members of the community? 

Evan Power, Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, has questioned Suarez’s attention focused on the select population, notes the article. 

My point: Based upon sexual orientation, citizens should not be privileged with exclusive programs, projects, and funding sources. All able-bodies adults need to work for their housing, food, and living requirements and should not expect the taxpayers to support them. Elevating one group over another group negates equality and causes division.   


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