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Op-Ed: Rogue & Irrational Nebraska Lawmakers Cavanugh, Fredrickson, & Hunt Take Transgender Legislation For Minors Nationwide

Nebraska Lawmakers
Three elected officials in Nebraska are pushing their own personal agendas. Isn’t that called a conflict of interest?   File photo: Alexey Struyskiy, Shutter Stock, licensed.

No one is born transgender. If gender identity were hardwired in the brain before birth, identical twins would have the same gender identity 100 percent of the time. But they don’t.” –Pediatrician Michelle Cretella, M.D. 

PORTSMOUTH, OH – In the bizzarro world of transgenderism, human biology deniers proclaim up is down and round is flat and rejecting is affirming. And a segment of the radical LGBTQ community with the woke mind virus truly believe a male can magically become a female or a female can magically become a male. Wave the wand or drink the potion. Poof! You’re a male. Poof! You’re a female. 

And the straight or gay naysayers ignore valid and reliable studies, factual reports, and gut-wrenching testimonies of detransitioners. They ridicule biology, anatomy, physiology, and genetics.  

Three elected officials in Nebraska are pushing their own personal agendas. Isn’t that called a conflict of interest?  

Lawmakers Machaela Cavanaugh, John Fredrickson, and Megan Hunt of Nebraska have formed “a political action committee, Don’t Legislate Hate, to support pro-equality candidates” for state legislatures around the nation,” according to the Advocate

Sensible citizens need to counter this political gender identity cult movement with “Don’t legislate Mutilation for Minors” or “No Child is Born Hating His/Her Own Body” or “Passing Laws to Save Minors from Castration is Compassion in Action.” 

Oh yes – they want to stack the deck with infiltration of woke-minded militants. No respect for biology, theology or 5000 years of civilization.  

“Hunt and Fredrickson, the first two out LGBTQ+ members of the legislature, were as appalled by the bill, LB 574, as Cavanaugh was. “We’ve never had a bill like this,” Hunt, a bisexual woman with a trans son, said in a recent interview with The Advocate. “We’ve never had a bathroom bill. We’ve never had anything attacking trans youth…We just wanted to say, in Nebraska, it’s not going to happen this way,” the article continues. 

Well, males were not allowed in female’s bathrooms before the trans cult movement invaded hallowed spaces. Before the gender ideology farce, men did not flash their genitals in a woman’s locker room. They would be arrested for a perverted crime. 


So, Hunt has a biological daughter that identifies as a son. Therefore, she feels entitled to force the citizens of Nebraska to swallow her faulty beliefs, unmanaged emotions, and bogus behaviors.  

Gender dysphoria is a diagnosable mental health disorder – not a civil rights issue to rational, reasonable, and responsible people.  


But wait…

Kooky Cavanaugh started a revenge filibuster in February to show her immaturity. A sippy cup, blanket, and a nap for Cavanaugh would have been more beneficial to the other lawmakers. Or maybe the other elected officials napped throughout the ridiculous rant. 

Via an article in LGBTQ Nation

At the start of the filibuster, Cavanaugh said, “If this legislature collectively decides that legislating hate against children is our priority, then I am going to make it painful — painful for everyone… I will burn the session to the ground over this bill…. If you want to inflict pain upon our children, I am going to inflict pain upon this body, and I have nothing but time, and I am going to use all of it.”  

As the filibuster extended into its third week, national news outlets began taking notice, like MSNBC, ABC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Show, Vogue, and Rolling Stone. The AP, for instance, noted that Cavanaugh had spent legislative hours discussing “her favorite Girl Scout cookies, Omaha’s best doughnuts, and the plot of the animated movie Madagascar.” 

It appears the rabid rags tuned in to the pathetic payback filibuster. 

Haughty Hunt joined the retaliation filibuster in March. Hunt, speaking directly to Republicans, reaffirms vow to filibuster all legislation if #NEleg anti-trans bill passes: “No one in the world holds a grudge like me. And no one in the world cares less about being petty than me. I don’t care. I don’t like you.” Watch Hunt’s tantrum on Twitter. 


Sadly, elected officials with power are kicking truth to the curb as they steamroll their own constituents. But that’s not enough biological tyranny – the three delusional zealots are going nationwide and seeking donations to fund a fairy tale fallacy that will mentally, physically, and socially damage more children. 


“It’s hard to hate up close,” Fredrickson said, adding, “We fear what we don’t know.”  

So, those that disagree with minors transitioning “hate” them. It’s the opposite. Why would  elected officials and citizens put time and effort into saving kids – if they hated them? 

No, we fear the permanent medical atrocities’ done to minors. Read the tragic stories of detransitioners. Why would any adult validate a child rejecting his/her own body? It’s a mind problem – not a body problem. Biology is not bigotry. 


“We’re actually just normal, just like everybody else,” Hunt said.

Ahem. Normal people don’t squeal and clap when minors undergo the scalpel to have healthy breasts or genitals mutilated or removed via experimental surgery by unethical or greedy surgeons.  

Normal males do not want to use the same bathroom as females or compete in unfair sports competitions.  

There’s nothing normal about unscientific transgenderism – a mental illness masquerading as a civil rights issues by people pushing their own poisonous propaganda.  

Pertaining to their Don’t Legislate Hate crusade, Frederick stated, “It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing.” 

No, it’s never the right time to do the wrong thing. And promoting dangerous hormone drugs and castration for minors by denying human biology is always the wrong thing to do.  

And allowing men to wear thongs, pasties, and lipstick while twerking and jerking in front of young children is always wrong. 

Did Nebraskans elect Cavanaugh, Fredrickson, and Hunt to spew rhetoric that harms minors and battle laws that prevent mutilation? Citizens in the Cornhusker State need to unite, organize, and stand up for kids. Children’s rights are human rights. 

2023 is the year of turnaround – that’s why 450 bills to protect kids are being proposed and passed. Citizens need to vote for candidates that align with hard science and saving the mental and physical lives of minors. Legislate Love.  


Cavanaugh, Fredrickson, and Hunt are fighting for a cause they will not attain because truth will not and cannot stay silent – that’s why it’s called truth. And God’s truth is not relative or subjective. There are two sexes: male and female.  

Oh, by the way: If I decide to become a nonbinary human unicorn, will Cavanaugh, Fredrickson, and Hunt fight for my civil rights? I want people that call me a “horse with a horn” to be censored or arrested. I am a nonbinary human unicorn. I’m sure I can find a unicorn-affirming surgeon to cut off an arm to make a horn to attach to my forehead. And I demand that Medicare or insurance foot the bill. Yes, there is a nonbinary human unicorn gene – I was born this way. 

Moreover, I expect the creepy Joe Biden administration to invite me to the White House for a special nonbinary human unicorn celebration. Anyone that disagrees with my chosen sexual orientation or transition is a nonbinary human unicorn hater or has a case of transunicornphobia.  

Biological sex is not assigned. Sex is determined at conception by our DNA and is stamped into every cell of our bodies. Human sexuality is binary. You either have a normal Y chromosome, and develop into a male, or you don’t, and you will develop into a female. There are at least 6,500 genetic differences between men and women. Hormones and surgery cannot change this.” –Pediatrician Michelle Cretella, M.D. 


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