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Op-Ed: Please Ignore Equality Florida’s Gaslighting Travel Advisory & Toddler Temper Tantrum

Encouraging children to experiment with their individual gender expression
In its travel advisory, Equality Florida also pointed to new rules that ban gender-affirming care for transgender children.  File photo: Jacob Lund, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Via rabid rag Newsweek, a LGBTQ+ advocacy group has taken the “extraordinary” step of issuing a travel advisory to the community it represents, warning against visiting Florida over concerns about “health, safety and freedom.”  

It is with great sadness that we must respond to those asking if it is safe to travel to Florida or remain in the state as the laws strip away basic rights and freedoms,” said Nadine Smith, Equality Florida’s executive director. 

According to the website, Smith “served on President Obama’s National Finance Committee.” There ya have it – a Barack Obama minion. 

Yada, yada, yada. Fan the culture war flames and throw an entitlement toddler tantrum when you don’t get special rights.  


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My interpretation:  

  • We are upset that responsible adults with common sense are passing legislation that protects children from being entertained and groomed by men in thongs, pasties, wigs, and lipstick.  

The advocacy group also cited an October report which said a drag queen story hour for children in Orlando was cancelled over concerns that it might attract members of far-right and neo-Nazi groups, according to the article. 

My interpretation:   

  • Use the fearmongering word ‘neo-Nazi’ whenever your abhorrent shows are canceled by protests of sane citizens. 

In its travel advisory, Equality Florida also pointed to new rules that ban gender-affirming care for transgender children. 

My interpretation:   

  • We are hopping mad that minors cannot take harmful hormone drugs and cut off healthy breasts and genitals. 

Equality Florida described a recently signed law allowing people to carry concealed guns in public without a permit as making Florida “less safe.” 

My interpretation:  

  • We are Lefty liberals and no matter what we do, Conservatives will not give up their Second Amendment rights. Why can’t everyone be infected with the woke mind virus. 

This type of thing is a political stunt,” a spokesperson for Gov. Ron DeSantis told Newsweek. “We aren’t going to waste our time worrying about political stunts. We will continue doing what is right for Floridians.” 

Equality Florida cited studies that had found over half of LGBTQ+ parents in the state were considering leaving and that one in eight high school students would not attend college in Florida due to its education policies, as signs of the impact those policies were already having, the article continues. 

Well, the LGBTQ militants are threatening to take their ball and relocate. Boo-hoo.  

Read the full travel advisory (aka Radical LGBTQ Whiner’s Manifesto) HERE.  


Rational Florida citizens must continue to stand up for Constitutional rights and to protect minors from unscientific gender ideology.

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