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Op-Ed: No-Talent Trans Ballerina (a Dude) Accepted Into Prestigious Dance Academy – Watch the Pathetic Performance

Sophie Rebecca, former rally driver and IT technician, was the first transwoman to pass exams at The Royal Ballet Academy (which changed its rules in 2013 to allow transwomen in). 
Sophie is 6ft 3in. 
“I knew from a young age that I was trapped in the wrong body”.
Sophie Rebecca, former rally driver and IT technician, was the first transwoman to pass exams at The Royal Ballet Academy (which changed its rules in 2013 to allow transwomen in). Sophie is 6ft 3in. “I knew from a young age that I was trapped in the wrong body”. – Twitter.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Ballerina – a female dancer in a ballet company. Danseur – a male dancer in a ballet company. So, what do you call a male pretending to be a female pretending to be a ballerina? Absurd, asinine, abysmal. 

Gaze upon the mediocre male dancer on Twitter. Argh. Thumbs down for his erroneous Échappé, Eleveì, and Écarteì ballet moves. His pathetic Plieì, Pirouette, and Port de bras reminds me of a skit on Saturday Night Live or South Park. 

“Sophie Rebecca, a former IT technician and biological man, was accepted to the prestigious Royal Ballet Academy back in 2017 as the company’s first transgender artist. Recently, amid the transgender firestorm in the world, Rebecca’s story has sparked more controversy,” reports MRCTV (aka News Busters). 


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So, a committee of biology deniers accepted a fairy tale farce concerning unscientific gender ideology. By the way, transgenderism is a mental health disorder – not a civil rights issue.  

Oh, per the UK Independent, the trans-identifying man is a former racing car driver. Additionally, “Sophie Rebecca, initially began learning ballet as James, but was forced to leave after the teacher found out about her gender struggles,” notes the article. 

Ahem. Akin to transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, James (aka Sophie) would be booed off the stage as a danseur. Neither had a chance in male arenas so they invaded female spaces. Obviously, the humiliation section in their brain is not working – neither is the fairness part. 

Reduxx Magazine noted the 6ft, 3in biological man passed his Royal Academy of Dance Intermediate Foundation ballet exams in 2017 with a Merit and reportedly has performed in the United States professionally ever since.  

Watch his YouTube channel HERE. Ballet Beyond Borders Missoula Gala Performance. He’s the only dancer without white gloves – so painful for the eyes. So unfair for the authentic female dancers with actual talent.

“It’s not only unsafe for this man to be parading as a woman as his body is the shape of a man and isn’t designed for female ballet moves, but it’s also unfair for the actual women who’ve worked their whole lives to get to even the most minimal of roles or positions. Rebecca did none of that. Not to mention the fact that he’s getting all this special attention and treatment simply because he’s pretending to be a woman. This is disturbing and, frankly, insulting, “ wrote journalist Tierin-Rose Mandelburg for MRCTV. 

I concur.  We are living in la-la-land of unreality. Up is down. However, those with common sense and sanity know the world is round and not flat. There are two sexes: male and female. 


“When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment” by Ryan T. Anderson 

This book exposes the contrast between the media’s sunny depiction of gender fluidity and the often sad reality of living with gender dysphoria. It gives a voice to people who tried to “transition” by changing their bodies, and found themselves no better off. Especially troubling are the stories told by adults who were encouraged to transition as children but later regretted subjecting themselves to those drastic procedures. 

“It was attacked twice on the New York Times op-ed page. The Washington Post ran a hit piece on it that they then had to entirely rewrite to fix all their errors. It was obvious the critics hadn’t read the book,” Anderson told The Federalist. “People who have actually read my book discovered that it was a thoughtful and accessible presentation of the state of the scientific, medical, philosophical, and legal debates. Yes, it advances an argument from a certain viewpoint. No, it didn’t get any facts wrong, and it didn’t engage in any name-calling.” 

3/16/2021– Amazon has responded to four Senators who expressed their concern over the removal of When Harry Became Sally from sale. In their letter (available here), they state that “Amazon works hard to ensure customers have a great shopping experience, and access to the widest and most diverse cross-section of written and spoken word in retail today.” As to the removal of this specific book, the letter states that Amazon has “chosen not to sell books that frame LGBTQ+ identity as a mental illness.” 

3/4/2021– The National Coalition Against Censorship is deeply concerned by Amazon’s sudden decision to remove from sale a book, When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment by Ryan T. Anderson.  Amazon had been selling this controversial title for the last three years.  While the book’s arguments anger many people, they are part of the public debate over gender identity.  Amazon’s decision to stop selling it threatens the marketplace of ideas. 

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