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Op-Ed: Government Control of the Media = Totalitarianism

russian collusion
Newsday’s front page regarding the Mueller report. New York City, New York – March 25 2019. File photo: Erin Alexis Randolph, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – The former head of the general counsel of the FBI, James Baker, met with Clinton lawyer Mr. Sussmann and helped him pass the false claim that the Trump org was secretly communicating with the Russian Alpha Bank. James Baker then took a similar role with social media giant, Twitter. By determining what should be censored or highlighted, he was able to control a large segment of the flow of national news. His influence and that of other top government officials now in the corporate world, had the ability to control what is reported and not reported. Twitter’s hierarchy included more than 12 former FBI agents who had incredible influence on the national reporting of the news. Before Elon Musk took over Twitter, 99% of the employees gave donations to the democrat party. It was obvious that this social media site favored a socialist view.

This infiltration of democrat government operatives in the media has had a profound effect on the type of flow of information that reaches the American public. Without the free dissemination of all viewpoints of an issue, citizens are robbed from making an educated decision on the direction of our nation. 

The head of any nation that seizes control of the media is frightening as this leader is on the way to become a powerful dictator. At this juncture in our history, journalists have been primarily taught by university programs that are extremely progressive leaning. Conservative leaning students are either not accepted into these programs or are weeded out by the political “woke” demands of the program. This gives rise to strong positive bias towards the left and a negative one against conservatives. 

Most news reported by the media today supports far left ideas while news that is not supportive of the left is buried. This biased press encourages the administration to accumulate more power which leads to more censorship of any political opposition and thus greater power. This creates an arrogant presidential leader who walks away from answering pertinent questions that should be answered. 

The control of the press by one political group leads to propagandizing the people that is essential to creating a one-party government. A courageous free press is essential to keep any government on the right course to protect the people’s freedom and economic prosperity not on selling the regime’s public relation campaign to retain power.

The government controls the media by inserting certain ex-government officials into power positions in the media, thus allowing them to control the message. This takeover of media corporations by ex-officials to do the bidding of the administration is a censorship of free speech. They can do this because of their control over breaking stories and which stories are covered. 

These public relations techniques were initiated by Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernay, and used by Josef Goebbels in Nazi Germany to shape public opinion. They were effective in Nazi Germany as well as selling products in our modern consumer advertising world and presently in mainstream politics.

Our nation no longer possesses a free press. It should not matter if a progressive or conservative party is in power. The function of the press is to report all the viable news to the public. The integrity of the reporter to state all the accurate news regardless of political implications is essential for a functioning republic. 

Once the mass media chooses sides in the political arena by censoring the news and embellishing the positives of their allies, the media becomes an arm of the ruling class. In a representative government, a corrupt mass media that has sold its integrity for political favors serves as an accomplice in undermining the democratic process. In essence the media becomes a propaganda bureau for the ruling party. This arrangement cannot coexist within a constitutional republic.

This sell out by the mass media can only be rectified by morally courageous people correcting the record. This will encourage other honest reporters to overcome their fears of being cancelled. Through their tenacity of asking specific and difficult questions, reporters can keep politicians on both sides of the aisle honest. These comprehensive and penetrating questions will initially prevent politicians and spokesmen from talking in generalities and preventing them from “circling back” to cleverly repeat another avoidance message. 

By uncovering the true stories of what is happening, individual journalists will start unraveling the lies of the party in power. This will allow better understanding by citizens of the politicians’ motivation and allow the citizens to choose the best candidates to represent them and preserve our constitution.

Instead of slick, false, public relations techniques that can undermine truth, honest facts will defeat a potential dictator. This will protect all the positive institutions that have kept the country strong for the people.

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