NYPD Officer Claims He Was Fired for Friendship with Roger Stone, Supporting Donald Trump; Files $25 Million Lawsuit Against The City

Salvatore Greco
As part of A $25 million lawsuit against the city, and an unblemished career in law enforcement, former NYPD officer Salvatore Greco says his friendship with Trump loyalist Roger Stone got him fired, the loss of his pension, destroyed him financially. Image credit: The Sanders Firm, P.C.,

NEW YORK, NY – Salvatore Greco was a 14-year veteran of the New York City Police Department with what he said was an unblemished record of service; however, he was “unjustly fired” from the department in 2022 – for purely political reasons – related to his off-hours support of former President Donald Trump and his personal friendship with longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone.

Despite pulling regular graveyard shifts in some of the most dangerous and undesirable precincts in New York City and striving to keep residents under his care safe, Greco, 41, said his friendship with Stone got him fired under the “criminal association” clause in the NYPD Patrol Guide. This clause mandates that cops refrain from contact with anyone “reasonably believed to be engaged in, likely to engage in, or to have engaged in criminal activities.” 

Stone was convicted of lying to Congress and sentenced in 2020 to 40 months in prison; Trump later granted him clemency and then pardoned him in December of that year. 

Greco noted that because his employment with the NYPD was terminated via the criminal association clause, it has tainted his reputation and prevented him from finding other work in law enforcement; as a result, he is currently suing the city for $25 million, he said. 

“I lost the job I loved, my pension, and essentially my life savings on a lawsuit challenging this politically motivated act against me,” he said. “Because of the manner in which I was unfairly terminated, I am currently unable to find employment in law enforcement in any other jurisdiction. I have filed a federal lawsuit to get my good name back, recover my pension, and for the damages that have destroyed me financially.” 

Greco’s plight gained national exposure after a recent interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, and is now asking the public for financial assistance for his legal defense fund. Interested parties can contribute by clicking here

“In these difficult times, my faith in God and my love of Country have sustained me,” Greco said. “In order to continue to fund the lawsuit in which I am fighting for justice, I urgently need your support. Your contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100, $200, or even $500 would go a long way toward helping me pay my lawyer in this historic legal action.” 

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