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Op-Ed: The Dangerous Enemies of G-d Are in Our Midst

Statue of Liberty on background of US flag
Our own Progressive, Liberal politicians and their controlled media have forged a militant attack on our religiosity, our flag and our patriotism, all of which have glued us together in order to create the most democratic, freedom loving, G-d fearing and charitable nation ever to grace this planet. File photo: FOTOGRIN, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL –  We appear to be standing by, helplessly watching as our country is falling ever deeper into a moral morass that threatens the future of our once great nation. It’s eerie that at present we are in the midst of a month in which Christians and Jews celebrate major holidays holy to both yet the news pouring out daily indicates nothing more than threats to both our beliefs and country. Religion is being targeted for extinction by the Left. We are no longer a nation that looks to G-d as the creator and the originator of the laws that have guided us for well over two hundred years. This danger has been led and fomented by the warriors for atheistic Communism, and its creeping, smothering-like influence over the world has finally taken a firm hold in this country. 

Our own Progressive, Liberal politicians and their controlled media have forged a militant attack on our religiosity, our flag and our patriotism, all of which have glued us together in order to create the most democratic, freedom loving, G-d fearing and charitable nation ever to grace this planet. We were, until recently, the savior and envy of the world. Our armies have helped defeat immorality and evil and our citizens have rushed to the aid of nations in need of food, medicine and other forms of survival needs. We performed these acts of charity under the belief that we were doing G-d’s work. But as of late we’ve observed the planned degradation in our convictions.

The attack on the family unit was an early warning sign that the our foundational acceptance that the home, parents, their faiths and the protection, security and guidance they offered their children, were under attack. We should have taken heed when Hillary Clinton, in her famous 1996 speech claimed, “It takes a village to raise a child,” followed by her attributed statement; “I believe the primary role of the state is to teach, train and raise children. Parents have a secondary role.” We see it now in our schools from bottom to top, how the family is shoved aside and replaced by the government. From kindergarten through graduate school, for a span of at least 20 years, our children have been indoctrinated by far left “educators” who preach the evils of the nation and our basic religious thoughts. Concerned and outspoken parents are officially labeled, “Domestic Terrorists.” Schools now block out parents when children as young as 9 years old decide they are unhappy with their birth sex and have the support of their educators for life changing, remedial surgery. Boys “become” girls and vice versa. Schools encourage such thought and the medical treatments to thwart their birth sex. Parents be damned! Government authorities become gods by making such decisions.

The “trans” movement is taking over and polluting our young. One’s sex is now a personal choice, to be determined on a daily basis, if desired. Last week such a trans-person, unhappy with his/her/? life choices, slaughtered three kids and three of their teachers in a Nashville Christian school. President Biden ignored this tragedy and has yet to voice his grief over this incident and Vice President Harris actually visited the town to personally and vocally support the trans-gender movement and cold shouldered the family of the victims. Evil flourishes in our midst. Boys, merely stating they are females, compete in women’s sports and dominate them. The radical Left pats them on the backs, ignoring that men will always remain men and ditto for women. Your birth sex was determined by G-d and that never changes. But, it is with denial……laws being changed by people acting as G-d. It’s overwhelming us.


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We’ve got to speak and act out before the game is lost to the Communists and other radicals who want to remove G-d and his laws from our lives. We see some Jewish and Christian religious leaders bowing to those who wish to abolish organized religion from our lives. They support the LBGTQI+ lunatics and every other movement that challenges our age old acceptance that man is subordinate to G-d and his rules. The threat to our beliefs in a higher power may  further be enhanced by the new form of Artificial Intelligence which may be the modern  Frankenstein’s Monster. This could end up being more dangerous than what was spewed out by the Wuhan labs. It may lead to the destruction of humanity as we know it.

Our beliefs in G-d, patriotism to our country and the values we were raised with are all under attack. The reincarnates of Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin are among us now, battering down the pillars of our religiosity, families and beliefs that we have held dear for centuries. May G-d help us. 

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