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Op-Ed: Dr. Jordan Peterson Interviews Therapist That Regrets Helping Children Transition – She’s Blowing the Whistle

Grand Rapids, Michigan - September 20, 2018
Jordan Peterson speaking at 20 Monroe Live. Grand Rapids, Michigan – September 20, 2018. File photo: Tony Norkus, Shutter Stock, licensed.

Butchers and liars must be held fully responsible for what was done to children in the name of tolerance.” –Dr. Jordan Peterson  

PORTSMOUTH, OH – 2023 is the year of truth about unscientific gender ideology. 2023 is the year of action to defend and protect minors from harmful drugs and mutilation surgeries. 2023 is the year of legislation to stop gender-affirming (aka gender-rejecting) care for minors. 


The takeaway from this column: 

  • A mental health clinician learns the truth about harmful transitioning for minors and experiences regret. Akin to a whistleblower, she is speaking out. 
  • Professionals are afraid to speak up due to fear of losing reputations and jobs. 
  • The medical and mental health tentacles of the militant transgender cult movement reaches around the world.  

As a former mental health therapist, I have the utmost respect for Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson. Before retiring last year, I didn’t know anything about him. God has certainly given Peterson a mission “for such a time as this” concerning the tumultuous trans cult movement. 

Mental health therapist Sara Stockton has shown courage and humility for speaking out about the unscientific transgender fallacy. Hopefully, more and more child psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists will arrive at the intersectional of truth and justice for transitioning minors. 

Peterson and Sara Stockton explore her past as a clinician in the field of Transgender care, how she helped co-author the processes by which gender-dysphoric children are assessed for medical intervention, and why she wholeheartedly regrets it now.  

In 2012, Stockton co-authored and published one of the first mental health assessments utilized to assess youth’s readiness to begin medical treatment for gender transition. She spent the first part of her career as a clinician treating and advocating on behalf of youth and families surrounding issues with gender.  

Since appearing in a documentary disputing gender-affirming care, Stockton receives calls from medical professionals across the globe sharing their fears about speaking out and the lack of conversation around this serious topic. 

Watch the interview with Stockton on YouTube.  

Jordan Peterson’s Thoughts on Transgenderism. Watch interview on YouTube. 

“STOP Hating Transgender People.” In this YouTube video, the renowned psychologist and bestselling author, Peterson talk about how it’s not okay to hate trans people and not even your enemies. It’s not okay to hate anyone. 

Peterson’s YouTube channel.  


What can you do?

Each state has a branch for the American Psychological Association, The American Counseling Association, The American School Counseling Association, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and National Association of Social Workers. Contact and voice your concerns. 

Each state has a Licensure Board for the aforementioned associations. Contact and voice your concerns.  

By denying science, the medical profession is committing some of the worst moral crimes in modern times. It must end.” –Jordan Peterson 

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