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New Study Finds Parents Felt Pressure From Gender Clinics to Transition Children – Explains “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria”

Parents Felt Pressure
Of the 390 parents who said they had visited a gender clinic or specialist, 51.8% said they felt pressured to transition their child socially or medically, 23.6% said they did not feel pressured and 24.6% said they were unsure.  File photo: Fizkes, Shutter Stock, licensed.

EVANSTON, IL – Truth cannot be hidden forever – it’s not possible. Truth will either trickle out over months, years, decades, centuries or gush out immediately. And 2023 is the year for truth to prevail over lies from the gender ideology militants and transgender extremists that deny biology and reality. No child is born in the wrong body.  

The Washington Times recently reported on a newly released study that found parents who took their adolescent children to gender clinics said they experienced pressure to agree to the transition process and that their children’s well-being was worse, not better, afterward. 

Northwestern University professor Michael Bailey led the peer-reviewed study, the largest to date on “rapid onset gender dysphoria,” known as ROGD, an unofficial diagnosis proposed in 2018 by Dr. Lisa Littman to explain “the recent epidemic of gender dysphoria among adolescents and young adults.” 

“There was evidence of immersion both in social media and in peer groups with other transgender-identifying youths,” the study found. 

The findings of “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: Parent Reports on 1655 Possible Cases,” published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, lent support to the theory that the surge in gender-switching adolescents is rooted in a social contagion stoked by media, peers and gender clinicians. 

Of the 390 parents who said they had visited a gender clinic or specialist, 51.8% said they felt pressured to transition their child socially or medically, 23.6% said they did not feel pressured and 24.6% said they were unsure. 

“An especially important predictor of transition was whether a family had received a referral for a gender specialist,” the executive summary said. “Of those who had received a referral, 73% of the youths had socially transitioned, compared with 49% who had not received a referral. The respective numbers for medical transition were 11% versus 5%.” 

Even before the onset of gender dysphoria, most of the adolescents had mental health problems and 42% had formal medical diagnoses. Those difficulties preceded their gender dysphoria issues by about four years. In addition, more than 72% said their children experienced stressful events before the onset of gender dysphoria, including family moves, relationship troubles, abuse, and the suicide of someone they knew. 

“Having friends come out as transgender contemporaneously was significantly related to the likelihood of social transition,” the study said. “Among females, 73.3% with contemporaneous transgender friends had taken steps toward social transition, compared with 54% without such friends; for males, respective figures were 39.5% and 21.7%.” 

Of course, the trans-butchering medical profession will continue to deny, deny, deny. The American Academy of Pediatricians will continue to lie, lie, lie.  

Of course, the radical trans advocates and militant LGBTQ extremists are going to whine, complain, and play the victim concerning the results of the study. The Joe Biden administration, including trans-identifying Richard (aka Rachel) Levine will probably howl and growl.  

Of course, the mainstream media mockingbird mafia mob is going to criticize and dispute the findings – as demanded by their megalomaniac owners, publishers, and editors.  

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Kudos to the medical professionals Suzanna Diaz and J. Michael Bailey for conducting the study to help save our children from harmful drugs and mutilation surgeries. And thanks to the ethical journalists that report balanced news.  

I have witnessed an upending of the medical consensus on the nature of gender identity. What doctors once treated as a mental illness, the medical community now largely affirms and even promotes as normal.” –Pediatrician Michele Cretella, M.D.  

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