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Op-Ed: Deceptive Trans Activists Mislabel “Intersex” Conditions to Fabricate More Than Two Sexes -They’re So Wrong

Biological reality is ignored, denied, or buried as militants declare more than two sexes. And the mainstream media mafia supports the charade.     File photo: Kanok Sulaiman, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  Journalist Jay Richards recent article in The Public Discourse explains the smoke screen used by radical transgender activists to cause confusion about sexual development disorders – in order to justify unscientific gender ideology.  

Biological reality is ignored, denied, or buried as militants declare more than two sexes. And the mainstream media mafia supports the charade.    

A Campaign of Confusion 

The main way gender ideologues have confused the public is by falsely claiming that disorders of sexual development (DSD), often mislabeled “intersex” conditions, prove that there are more than two sexes—or that the sexes are somehow fluid or mere endpoints on a spectrum

Such disorders occur in 0.018 percent of the population. In some such cases, however, newborns have ambiguous genitalia. This makes the task of determining sex more complex. 

Nevertheless, appealing to these disorders to justify gender ideology is an intentional diversion. 

  • First, none of these conditions produces other sexes or “genders.”  
  • Second, gender ideology provides no new insights into these disorders.  
  • Third, people who identify as transgender or nonbinary rarely have one of these disorders.  
  • Fourth, no such disorders correspond to the growing list of “gender identities.” 

What causes DSD

There are many different types of DSD. The reasons for people to be born with one of these conditions may be a change that involves any of the following: 

  • Sex chromosomes or genes 
  • Sex glands (such as testes or ovaries) 
  • Sex hormones 

How is DSD diagnosed? 

The doctors may order tests, such as: 

  • Karyotype: This is a blood test that looks at all of the body’s chromosomes, including the X and Y chromosomes. 
  • Genetic testing: This is a blood test to look for changes in the genes that are known to cause DSD. 
  • Hormone testing: This is a blood test that checks what hormones the gonads are making and how much. 
  • Pelvic ultrasound: This is an imaging test that looks for the gonads and for a uterus. 
  • Laparoscopy: This is a surgery using a small camera. The surgeon looks for the reproductive parts inside the body. The surgeon may also take small pieces of tissue. 

Folks, manipulating information or downright lying are tactics of propagandists intent on duping the public. It’s called pseudoscience – a fancy word for no evidence-based factual info. 

“For instance, we know that humans are bipeds—that they naturally have two legs. But if a child is born without one or both legs, do we conclude that the newborn isn’t human, is a member of another species, or is “interspecies”? Of course not. We recognize that the child suffers from some sort of disorder—some disruption in development involving, say, chromosomes or an event in utero,” the article explains.  

Ideological fads eventually fade because they have no foundation in truth – but how long until transgenderism goes by the wayside? This false revolution was planned in advance and funded with an endless supply of money. And when money talks – truth walks.  

But 2023 is the year of turnaround for the protection of minors by responsible and rational adults. 

The Daily Signal: 40 State Legislatures Have Passed or Introduced Legislation to Restrict Transgender Child Abuse. 

Let’s call transitioning what it is — child abuse. 

At least 11 states – Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Dakota, Tennessee and Utah – have passed laws or policies that protect minors from puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and mutilation surgeries. 

“Gender-affirming” is actually gender-rejecting and biology is reality. There are two sexes: male and female. 

Over 100 pieces of legislation introduced in state legislatures in 2023 focus on banning aspects of gender-affirming medical care, according to data from the American Civil Liberties Union. 

According to a recent article in Axios:  

  • Arkansas: SB 199 makes it easier to sue health providers who provide gender-affirming care to a minor, effectively bringing back the state’s blocked ban. 
  • Iowa: SF 538 says that a health provider cannot “knowingly” provide gender-affirming care to a minor. Otherwise, they could lose their medical license and be sued. 
  • Mississippi: HB 1125 states that health providers cannot offer gender-affirming surgeries, puberty blockers or hormone therapy to trans youth under 18. If a provider violates the law, they could lose their license and face civil lawsuits. 
  • South Dakota: Under HB 1080, a health care provider cannot offer gender-affirming care “for the purpose of attempting to alter the appearance of, or to validate a minor’s perception of, the minor’s sex.” 
  • Tennessee: SB 1 says that a health provider cannot “perform or offer to perform” any sort of gender-affirming care to trans minors. Doing so puts a provider at risk of lawsuits from the minor, their guardian or the state attorney general. 
  • Utah: SB 16 specifically prohibits health care providers in the state from performing gender-affirming surgeries on trans youth and places an indefinite moratorium on their access to hormone therapy and puberty blockers. 

In summary, there are only two sexes: male and female. And disorders of sexual development (DSD) are anomalies and wrongly used by radical trans activists to try to justify unscientific gender ideology – it’s not working.    

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