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Op-Ed: White Supremacy Is A Divisive And Incendiary Term

White Supremacists?
KKK members and a white supremacist group hold a rally in Marquette park. Chicago, Illinois, June, 1986. File photo: Mark Reinstein, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Throughout history civilizations have conquered each other. There were tribal, regional, and national conquests. The victor took the spoils which included women, children, livestock, and men as slaves. Rape was and still is a reality of war in many areas of the world.

The Roman Empire controlled a significant portion of the world for almost 1000 years. Mongols marched through Asia reaching Europe and raised havoc throughout. Genghis Khan was supposed to have fathered up to 40,000 children. The British empire reached into the eastern world controlling the populations, governments, fathering many children. The Native Americans also warred with the settlers moving into their territory In Canada and the US. In essence foreign settlers like all immigrants blended in with the native population. Purity of an individual having one race is rare.

Tribes in Africa fought against each other, and often black winners sold the losers of the wars as slaves. Some white plantation owners fathered children by their slaves. In the south before the Civil War anyone who had 6% black blood regardless of how they looked, were considered black. There were terms to describe half black and half white as mulatto, one great grandparent being black was an octoroon and was still considered black.

Using the 6% rule, a large percentage of us could be considered many nationalities or races. According to 23 and Me, and others, I was said to have 6% African and many different percentages of other blood types. This is likely since my family is from Naples and Sicily 90 miles from Morocco. Hannibal historically crossed the Alps conquering lands throughout the Italian peninsula. Now Hannibal is a common first name for Southern Italian men. All nations conquered and were conquered by other nations creating a racial blur.

Who are these horrible “white supremacists”? What if these whites with an insignificant percentage of white blood just arrived in this country? Would they be considered “White Supremacists?” What if these whites are congressional members, government bureaucrats, or large corporation owners? Would they be seen as “white supremacists”? Is ex-President Barack Obama a white supremacist since his mother and her side of the family were white? Is everyone who is not officially black a “white supremacist” including our current president?

We need a specific definition of a “white supremacist” since they are “deplorable, hateful, evil people” who need to be imprisoned. Many were not tried by a jury and still rot in jail. These are unlawful gestapo tactics.

According to President Biden, who interchanges white supremacist with MAGA people that probably are over half of the population of the USA. This is not uniting our nation, this is dividing our citizens and inciting the democrat base to view conservative citizens as enemies of the USA.

There is no attempt by President Biden to define “white supremacist.” Any attempt to do so would be laughable since it would be contradictory to US criminal statistics. More blacks than whites are arrested for committing murder against other blacks. Rasmussen released two reports on March 11, 2023, presenting their polls’ results that more than 70% of Americans agreed it is “ok to be white in America” and only 12% disagreed. When asked if black people can be racist too, even more Americans agreed with only 12% disagreeing.

All human beings can be racist pitting one group against another increases hatred.  By emphasizing the criminal tendencies of a small fraction of a race only increases racial tension. All ethnic and racial groups have deviants although the majority are law abiding citizens. 

As Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us: “We should judge a person by his character not by the color of his skin.” He emphasized any person in any group should be judged by their actions and character. 

The reason for using “white supremacy” appears to be the Biden administration, media, and financial elites are attempting to muzzle white opposition to their policies. These powerful elites’ exploitation of citizens needs to be swept under the rug so they will not be blamed for all this havoc.  

The use of supremacy for whites, creates the imagery of the south’s Civil War whites that committed atrocities towards the blacks. This attempts to paint all white people as ignorant, brutal people. This clever psychological technique places all whites in a defensive position to remain silent. 

White supremacy is a smoke screen to silence all Americans from standing up to voice their opinion that weakens “America on every front to create a new world order. Why are so many people quiet about such a divisive concept as “white supremacy?”

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