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Op-Ed: Rainbow Redemption Project for Detransitioners – Courageous Sophia Galvin from Miami Found Jesus and Healing

Sophia Galvin on Providing Kingdom-minded resources for detransitioners, with the ultimate goal of fully redeeming their lives through the transformative power of Jesus Christ. Image credit: Rainbow Redemption Project.

Rainbow Redemption Project’s ultimate goal is to build a network of community, resources, and advocacy for detransitioners seeking to build their relationship with Christ. This way, detransitioners can receive the support they need, in a safe environment, where they are able to speak freely about the very God who freed them.” –Sophia Galvin 

MIAMI, FL – Galvin, a brave and bold detransitioner, is the founder of the Rainbow Redemption Project. She resides in Miami, Florida. Mission Statement: Providing Kingdom-minded resources for detransitioners, with the ultimate goal of fully redeeming their lives through the transformative power of Jesus Christ. 


At 17 years old, Sophia, born female, made the decision to transition and become a man. She was led to believe that this would alleviate her gender dysphoria, which she since has realized was a result of deep trauma. But after two years of cross-sex hormone replacement therapy from the age of 18, and a double mastectomy at age 19, she realized at 20 that her life was left severely worse than before. After deciding to detransition, she found no resources to help aid in her in the tumultuous process. So after a year of attempting to move forward in the little strength she had, she ultimately surrendered her life to the Lord. Through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, she has been able to experience true redemption and healing in a way she never could have dreamed possible. So her goal in establishing this organization, is to help other detransitioners actualize this same redemptive power within their own lives, all to the glory of God. She understands from personal experience, that true redemption of a life can only be found through Jesus Christ. 

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Transitioning: Watch on YouTube.  

How Jesus Saved Me After Detransitioning: Watch on YouTube.  

Overcoming Gender Dysphoria Through Scripture: Watch on YouTube.  

On September 7th, 2022, the Miami Dade County Public School board held a meeting to discuss item H11, which proposed an LGBTQ history month across district schools. Galvin, a former MDCPS student publicly testified against this proposal. She believes that similar school activities had influenced her decision to identify as transgender and later pursue medical transition. Additionally, she asserts that an LGBTQ history month violates freedom of expression and has an inappropriate psychological impact on impressionable teenagers. 

Read Galvin’s open letter to the Miami Dade County Public School system here.  

Florida Becomes Eighth State to Stop Harmful Transitioning for Minors 

Florida’s rule to stop minors from undergoing gender transition procedures recently passed and Republican state lawmakers are forging ahead with plans to strengthen the restrictions even further. The Florida Board of Medicine’s new measure prohibits the use of puberty blockers, hormone therapies or surgeries to treat gender dysphoria for anyone in the Sunshine State under the age of 18. 

Physicians could lose their medical licenses if they prescribe puberty blockers, hormone therapy or surgery for minors diagnosed with gender dysphoria, under a Florida Board of Medicine rule that took effect March 16, 2023. 

State Republican Rep. Randy Fine, sponsor of the legislation, previously tweeted, “The butchering of children will be illegal in Florida. Citizens will not be obligated to pay for the sexual mutilation of adults, and those tricked into this evil will have 30 years to sue those who misled them. That’s HB 1421 and I am proud to file it.” 

Gender Dysphoria 

“Gender dysphoria (GD) of childhood describes a psychological condition in which children experience a marked incongruence between their experienced gender and the gender associated with their biological sex,” purports the American College of Pediatricians

The best available research indicates that 73-94 percent of children who display gender non-conforming tendencies accept and align with their physical sex if allowed to pass through puberty naturally, without interventions to affirm the delusion that they are a different sex.  

Twin studies verify no one is born “trapped in the body of the wrong sex.” Some brain studies have suggested that some individuals are born with a transgendered brain. But these studies are seriously flawed and “prove no such thing.” There is no basis in science for this assumption. 



Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters by Abigail Shrier. “Why, in the last decade, has the diagnosis “gender dysphoria,” transformed from a vanishingly rare affliction, applying almost exclusively to boys and men, to an epidemic among teenage girls?”  

Desist, Detrans, & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult by Maria Keffler. 

An author, speaker, and teacher with a background in educational psychology, Keffler has fought to protect children from unethical activism and dangerous policies around sexuality and transgender ideology since 2018.  

Parenting in a Transgender World: A Handbook” by Erin Brewer. The goal of this book is to help arm your family with skills to successfully ward off recruitment into transgender ideology, to prevent the heartbreak of seeing children reject family and friends as well the very essence of who they are. 

 “Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness,” by Miriam Grossman, MD, child and adolescent psychiatrist. “Don’t be blindsided like so many parents I know. Be proactive and get educated. Feel prepared and confident to discuss trans, nonbinary, or whatever your child brings to the dinner table. Whether it’s the “trans is as common as red hair” claim, or the “I’m not your son, I’m your daughter” proclamation, or the “do you prefer a live son or a dead daughter’ threat, says Grossman, no family is immune, and every parent must be prepared.” 

I don’t know this young lady, but I am so proud of her. Please put Sophia Galvin and her ministry in your prayers.  

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