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Ditch the “Ham Sandwich” Decision to Prosecute Trump

Last week, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg ordered his prosecutors to stop seeking prison sentences for hordes of criminals and to downgrade felony charges in cases including armed robberies and drug dealing.
The baton waver and master of ceremonies for this orchestrated group and already well known for his softness in handling real crime, is none other than Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg. File photo: Lev Radin, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – The proverbial “Indictable ham sandwich,'” the topic of which every freshman law student is well aware, will have been presented on a silver platter to the expectant world by a Manhattan sitting Grand Jury in the human form of…Donald J. Trump. They will surely hand down an indictment this Tuesday, for charges relating to some assumed sex payoff by him well before his initial campaign back in 2016. The baton waver and master of ceremonies for this orchestrated group and already well known for his softness in handling real crime, is none other than Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg. This guy was one of may prosecutors around the nation who owe their elections to George Soros, who had campaign funded them in order to turn the criminal justice system on its head. And we’ve already seen how Alvin has turned loose, sent back on the streets, life long criminals, with no bail, to continue their lives of crime undisturbed by the Manhattan DA’s short arm of the law. And now this unjustified criminal prosecution of not only a former President of our nation, but the top contender for the White House next year, is a rash political move that will help turn this nation into what President Trump labled other third world countries as…”Sh-thole” ones. A sad future for us all. 

This five star headline story has every news channel giving it full time commentary and repetitious guest law scholars. To boil it all down, this is a weak case. But it is one that Bragg ran on. He campaigned mainly on the promise to chase Trump if not into prison, but out of the running for the 2024 presidency. Foolishly, his choice to criminalize a supposed $130,000 payment in hush money to porn star, Stormy Daniels, has major legal problems. It expired as a chargeable misdemeanor after two years, and that was five years ago. And add to that, the Justice Department declined to prosecute years ago even though that agency would have done anything to attack and destroy Trump. They must have had good reasons. Throw in the fact that the chief prosecution witness is perjury convicted, disbarred, former Trump attorney, Michael Cohen, a character who appears to jump right out of a Damon Runyon fable, who already has confessed in writing that he used his own funds to make the payoff. His testimony in court will surely destroy Bragg’s case and hopefully his career. 

Tucker Carlson said it best; “American politics was thrown into complete chaos perhaps permanently due to this indictment.” And top Republicans condemned its overt political motivation which was to ensure that Trump never again becomes President. The shameful Democrat attacks against Trump make a long, shameful list: The years’ long attempt to turn Trump into a Putin operative, the January 6th Congressional investigation, both falling flat on their false faces. The destruction of the lives of Trump associates such as Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Gen. Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Paul Gates, George Papadopoulus and Allen Weisselberg, to name a few. All prosecuted as a stern warning to others to steer clear of DJT. The actions of a China, Russia or Cuba. 

We fear, if this case goes to trial, it will tear the nation apart. We’re already at one another’s throats: Gender, race, income and politics-wise. We’re no longer the UNITED States. This will further weaken us to our openly hostile enemies. China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, all on the sidelines cheering us on, watching as we continue to disrupt our own ways of life. This case is a symptom a decaying democracy that has withstood a civil and multiple world wars, from all of which we survived and continued to flourish.

If this Tuesday’s verdict is to render a verdict to continue on with Bragg’s prosecution, we’ll pray for a wise judge’s quick decision to toss the case before it starts. The best hope for a nation to recover its democratic, freedom loving heritage.

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