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Op-Ed: “All-Ages” Drag Brunch Held – Owner of New Beginning Gay Bar in TN Thumbs Nose at New Law

New Beginning Gay Bar in TN
The LBGTQ community are challenging a new TN law that defends and protects children from gyrating men in dresses, high-heels, and lipstick. File photo: Chingx20, Shutter Stock, licensed.

JOHNSON CITY, TN – Rebellious members in the LBGTQ community are challenging a new TN law that defends and protects children from gyrating men in dresses, high-heels, and lipstick.  

Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed Senate Bill 2, into law on March 2, setting fines and jail time for “male or female impersonators who provide entertainment that appeals to a prurient interest” in the presence of minors or on public property.  

 The law takes effect on April 1, 2023. 

According to a March 29, article in the Washington Blade, a gay news source, by Michael Key, courtesy of the National LGBT Media Association, “In response to the anti-drag law, the owner and staff at the Tennessee gay bar New Beginnings held an all-ages drag brunch fundraiser on Sunday.”  

Folks, it’s still a bar – no matter if it’s a straight bar or a gay bar – children do not belong in bars. Call it a brunch with eggs and bacon, and it’s still held in a bar. 

The photo shows New Beginnings owner Michael Trivette addressing the crowd at an “all-ages” drag brunch March 26.  

“Covering for @WashBlade New Beginnings in Johnson City, Tennessee defying the state at an all-ages drag brunch.” Watch video clip on Twitter.  

One male (aka drag queen) is dressed in a giant black robe, a wacky hat, white pasty makeup and sunglasses. Sister Lolo, a member of newly formed local chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence drag order, continued, “This is the last time under the new law that we as drag entertainers are allowed to interact with some of you. And they say that this law is designed to protect you, but we know that’s not the truth.” 

So, a man dressed like a nun (which is degrading to nuns, Catholics, Christians) has the audacity to tell children that the people who are protecting them are the villains. Why bring kids into the political arena?  

Fortunately for looney Lolo, in the USA, a male has the freedom to dress like a nun and act like a buffoon – but not in front of children in TN.  

Another eerie-looking pseudo-nun holds up a sign: “Drag is not a crime.” Of course, drag is not a crime, but obscenity in front of minors or sexualizing children are crimes. That’s a tactic used by manipulators to try to take the focus off children – it won’t work. 

The woke, clueless, or ignorant mothers are seen in the video singing along and being complicit with the other nose-thumbers. Where are the fathers? 

My question: Did Trivette run a background check on the drag queens or any staff member that interacts with children? When I worked in community mental health, all new hires that serviced kids had to undergo a background check, a urine screen for alcohol and drugs, a TB test, and three valid references.   

Albeit, children don’t belong in bars, strip clubs, or anywhere men or women dress in thongs and pasties (or nun outfits, mermaid costumes, prom dresses) – whether heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or transsexual.  

Moreover, no matter if Lolo is not showing mammoth breasts and bums – he is confusing children about biology and supporting unscientific gender ideology. Facts matter and there are two sexes: male and female. Presenting a fairy tale fallacy to children is a form of abuse in my personal and professional opinion.  

The article describes the venue as, “One place where drag thrives in the state is New Beginnings, a sprawling nightclub located in Johnson City. New Beginnings, founded in 1987, is the only full-time LGBTQ venue currently in operation in the Tri-Cities area that includes Johnson City and Kingsport, Tenn., as well as Bristol, Va. 

I have no problem with an adult bar that features adult drag queens for adult customers.  

“Of course we think it’s ridiculous,” Trivette said when asked what he thought of the new drag law. “I just truthfully have to wonder who saw what that made them feel compelled to go back to their offices and write this law about drag queens.” 

I invite Trivette to read all my columns about drag queens hanging around children and watch all the video clips: 

  • Does he support men at library story hour events for young children that were found to have sex offender records? 
  • Does he support men at libraries with their legs spread wide open showing their undergarments? 
  • Does he support adult men simulating bloody abortions and sexual acts in front of kids?  
  • Does he support children stuffing dollar bills down the front of thongs and undergarments of men in bars or at outdoor Pride festivals?  
  • Does he support a man dancing in a thong with bare buns hanging out as children watch? 
  • Does he support a child rubbing the spot where a man’s penis is underneath a shiny mermaid costume and the man allows it? 

Take the outlandish costumes and wigs off and answer the questions: 

  • Why is it acceptable for men to engage in the sexualization of children?  
  • Why are people being criticized for trying to protect children from being groomed by men pretending to be women? 
  • How difficult is it to keep minors out of venues with drag queen entertainment? 

If Trivette actually believes this is artistic expression that children need to be exposed to – then he needs to visit a child development expert, refresh his critical thinking skills, and seek reality therapy.  

One drag queen photo in the news article shows a male wearing a full-length, skintight leopard-print dress. His bum and fake breasts look huge. 

You can find a few photos of drag queens strolling the catwalk on the Washington’s Blade’s website HERE. Do minors really need to watch men in female attire strutting and sashaying? 

One photo shows the customers holding up “Loosey” signs with wide eyes, mouths opened, and fingers pointing – but the drag queen is not in the pic. Use your imagination.  

In some of the larger cities, I do not believe that law enforcement or the district attorneys will view a drag brunch as a violation. I don’t speak for them, though. But in other parts of the state, the matter could be more complicated. Regardless of how one reads the text of the law, it will embolden groups who go around filming drag performances and take segments out of context,” said Tennessee Equality Project Executive Director Chris Sanders. 

Okay. If minors are at the event, how is a video clip that shows drag queens with the children in the audience taken out of context? The point is that children do not belong at events with drag queen performances, especially bars where liquor is served. And DQ brunch or bingo is no exception to the law.  

Trivette continued, “You take a bunch of middle-aged, middle-class people and you talk about the good old days and how much better it used to be and you point your finger at a group of people and you blame them for your problems. And when you have an enemy, you have a focus.” 

Sures sounds like Trivette is engaged in ageism and classism. Isn’t that discriminating? 

Trivette can call me a transphobic DQ hater or a bigot – no matter. What’s important is protecting the mind, body, heart, and soul of our most innocent citizens – children. 

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Gays Against Groomers:“We have no issue with drag as long as it’s for adults,” said a coalition member. “That being said, I’d like to reiterate our stance on drag shows: no matter if a drag show is ‘tame’ or not, whether the drag queens are behaving in a sexual manner or not, drag is inherently sexual, and it is inherently adult entertainment, so our stance is that any drag performance, no matter how tame, is not for children.” 

My questions: Are children invited? Will bar owner Trivette, drag queens, and parents ignore or obey the new law? 

And of course, the mainstream media mafia makes the new laws sound as if all drag queen shows are banned – NOT TRUE. Only the venues that invite minors to adult entertainment. 

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