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Op-Ed: Who Is In Charge Of Our Children’s Minds, The Woke Government or Parents?

Woke Government or Parents
Teachers, administrators, journalists, and union heads testify at school board meetings that they, not parents should have the power to educate students as they see fit. File photo: George Rudy, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Just a few years ago American citizens would proudly announce that parents are responsible for raising their children. Biblical scriptures have been inspirational in creating successful and law-abiding civilizations. There was no question who was in charge of children in the USA. The answer was self-evident, parents had a biological connection and raised their own children. The only exception was children being taken by totalitarian governments, most recently communist ones.

It was shocking to hear teachers, administrators, journalists, and union heads testifying at school board meetings that they, not parents should have the power to educate students as they see fit. In other words, woke communism will be taught to US children regardless of the views and rights of parents. 

In the past several years some teachers stood up in school board meetings saying that teachers were more important and responsible than parents to decide on the values that should be taught to their students because they had higher education. This was an extraordinarily shocking statement announced in a publicly televised forum. The teachers, their unions, and school boards announced outright communist concepts that they had the right to determine what should be taught. This was not a mistake where radical teachers that had gone awry, but one backed fully by the education bureaucracy and many of our communist politicians.  New Mexico School Boards Association Trainer, Andrew Sanchez, said. “Parental rights end when you decide to send your kids to public school.

There was strong negative parental reaction to these school board directives where the government education bureaucracy should be in charge of what is being taught to students. Some of the protesting parents have been attacked and arrested as well as being investigated by the FBI and DOJ. The government is going to war with the US citizens’ right to parent their own children. These parents reiterating their rights have been labeled domestic terrorists.

It appears at this time in US history, parents seem to have little to no rights as to what should be taught to their children. This should send chills down the spine of every God loving American. If the governmental teachers’ power supersedes parental power, we are entering a direct woke communist takeover of the minds and souls of our children. We, the citizens of the United States cannot ignore this in-your-face disregard of parental rights. The American Federation of Teachers president, Randi Weingarten, reposted a Washington Post article titled, “Parents claim they have the right to shape their kids’ school curriculum. They don’t.” 

State indoctrination and propaganda openly practiced in our school systems needs to be confronted by all citizens, politically oriented left or right. This direct challenge to parental rights means if we accept the dominance of the state through the educational system, we are openly accepting a totalitarian country that rules everything from the top down. This will indicate Americans have become sheeple giving up our own children to the state authorities. This means our US constitutions is not worth fighting for even for our children

We have no rightful excuse for accepting the woke brainwashing concepts placed into our children’s thinking. We can no longer use the argument that we are so busy making and spending money that we can no longer raise righteous citizens. 

If parents relinquish their basic responsibility of instilling traditional values in our loved ones, we deserve to live in a repressive government with only government dictates. We cannot continue to turn the other cheek. Our children’s minds and values are more than worth our time and energy. Fight now or lose all our Biblical rights of living a free, Godly life. 

As insane as it sounds, pedophiles have been fighting for years for adults to have the right to have “consensual sex” with youngsters. There is no reasonable argument for pedophilia to be legalized in the US. It is a destructive act that has no benefits for any child. In other words, we sink further into evil once we start to sacrifice our children’s bodies as well as minds. There is no end to the depths of hell children will face if parents ignore their parenting responsibility. We will lose everything that makes us free.

Allowing the educational bureaucracy to take away the rights of parents to love and educate their own children according to traditional values and teachings is like using a hydrogen bomb on the sanctity of the family in the United States. This is a declaration of war against the citizen’s rights and liberties of every American. A woke communist agenda has been adopted in our educational system. We have no right to claim ignorance because we have been informed.

By allowing government to usher in a totalitarian communist existence it will mean our citizens have accepted a death warrant for America. This take over is not being slow walked. It is happening at warp speed. We need to unite quickly or lose all our freedoms. Our children are our destiny.

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