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Op-Ed: Trans Admiral Richard Levine, HHS Assistant Secretary for Health, Visited The Center Orlando, Florida, for Closed Meeting

Assistant Secretary for Health for the Department of Health and Human Services, Admiral Richard (aka Rachel) Levine, MD, ttended a closed-door roundtable discussion with members of Equality Florida, Metro Inclusive Health, Zebra Coalition and The Center Orlando on March 9. Image credit: Shared by ADM Rachel Levine / Twitter.

ORLANDO, FL – Admiral Richard (aka Rachel) Levine, MD, Assistant Secretary for Health for the Department of Health and Human Services attended a closed-door roundtable discussion with members of Equality Florida, Metro Inclusive Health, Zebra Coalition and The Center Orlando on March 9, according to an article in Watermark Online, a LBGTQ news source. 

See the lineup on Levine’s Twitter

My questions: Why the closed-door secrecy? Where was the public invitation to Florida’s taxpayers? What info is Levine hiding? 

Oh, business as usual for Joe Biden’s Gestapo. 

We heard about the challenges many different actions and laws that have either been in the past or are being considered that target the LGBTQAI+ community, particularly vulnerable transgender youth and gender nonbinary youth, but actually the community at large,” Levine said. 

In other words, comrade Levine hopped a flight to Florida for support of harmful puberty blockers and mutilation surgeries for minors due to current passing pro-child legislation. 

I think it sends a terrible message. There are significant health disparities for our community, particularly for [trans and nonbinary] youth and their families, and we are working to close those health disparities,” Levine lamented. 

Mocking bird Levine chirped the Left’s poisonous propaganda from the trans cult movement. 

Youth who are marginalized, who are not accepted by their family, their community or their school and don’t have access to evidence-based care have significant mental health issues — anxiety, depression, risk of suicide. And the evidence has shown over and over again that trans youth that are accepted by their family, that are accepted by their community and school, do have access to evidence-based care actually have excellent mental health outcomes. So these laws and actions have the potential to significantly harm them and harm their mental health.” 

Gender dysphoria is a mental health condition – not a civil rights issue. The psychiatric patients are trying to run the psychiatric hospital.   

“The President, the Vice President, [HHS] Secretary [Xavier] Becerra, myself and others, strongly support the broader LGBTQAI+ community, and particularly these vulnerable youth, their families and their providers,” Levine said. 

Yes, the entire cabal of transgender cult crazies are marching for chemical and physical castration for minors. Gender ideology is an unscientific theory that goes against factual biology. Truth will defeat the soldiers of deceptive.

“Please join the City of Kansas City on Friday, March 31, 2023, for the International Transgender Day of Visibility. We are proud to welcome Admiral Rachel L. Levine, MD the Assistant Secretary for Health with the Department of Health and Human Services. She is the highest-ranking transgender person in the Federal Government.” 

Levine is spreading his rhetoric across the nation. 

What an honor for a biological man (with gender dysphoria) in the military and government to put on a dress, high-heels, lipstick – and be hailed by fanatical followers as a make-believe female.  

Each year on March 31, the world observes Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) to raise awareness about transgender people, notes GLAAD.  

It’s a sad day in American when radical LGBTQ militants celebrate a fairy tale fallacy. There are only two sexes: male and female.  

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