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Op-Ed: Florida Senate Panel Advances Bill to Protect Minors from Salacious Drag Show Entertainment; High School Donuts, Drag Cancelled

Drag queen
In Florida, as was recently posted on their Instagram, Boone High School canceled a “Donuts & Drag” after-school discussion program with drag queen Momma Ashley Rose (aka Jason DeShazo of the Rose Dynasty Foundation).  File photo: Jacob Lund, Shutter Stock, licensed.

TALLAHASSEE, FL – The Republican-stacked Judiciary Committee voted 8-3 to advance proposal (SB 1438) this week. Under the measure, the state Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, which is part of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, would be able to revoke licenses of lodging or food-service establishments for violations. The division could issue fines of $5,000 for a first violation and $10,000 fines for subsequent violations. 

I speak with parents nearly every day who share their concerns about the increasing prevalence of content across all forms of media that is inappropriate for young children. As a dad of young children, I share these concerns,” said Senate Judiciary Chairman Clay Yarborough, a Republican who is sponsoring the bill. 

Rep. Randy Fine, R-Brevard County, filed an identical House bill (HB 1423). 


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Is the proposed legislation working yet? 

According to a recent article in Watermark Online, “Drag queen events are being canceled across Florida” and age limits are being changed to 18 or 21+ for attendees.  

For example, drag performer Tora Himan is finding her drag bingo events canceled throughout Central Florida. And of course, complaining about it. Why doesn’t he stick to entertaining adults in adult places? 

Himan currently still hosts Divas & Dining, a weekly all-ages drag brunch show at Estefan Kitchen Orlando, according to the article. Why is this restaurant exposing children to drag queens? Are the owners liberal, clueless, ignorant, or do they just like the generated customers and money? 

“I’m even shocked that we have a drag show there, but they are full steam ahead. All ages currently,” Himan says. “My drag persona is, I would say, PG-13. I toe the line, but never cross the line…Prior to this madness, all of my shows were family-friendly. A couple months ago, they started adding 21 up on the posters and putting adult content,” Himan says. “That’s just a new thing.” 

Folks, once again I’ve proved my point. Drag queens will not stop performing in front of minors until a law with teeth is passed. Restaurants will not stop until the hammer of the law is lowered. Radical LGBTQ Pride leaders will not stop until there’s a knock on their door from law enforcement. 

My questions:   

  • Why are grown men (aka drag queens with wacky wigs, caked on makeup, and prom dresses) putting up a fight to hang out with children and act like foolish caricatures of biological females.  
  • Do they not care about insulting and demeaning genuine women and emasculating biological males?  
  • How is hosting bingo, twerking and jerking, and lip-syncing artistic expressions?  

That’s not comedy – it’s degrading to sensible humans. And the RuPaul Charles, the modern-day icon of drag, is the ring leader of buffoonery. Celebrities and loony liberals are only too happy to follow his propaganda parade. Gender ideology is an unscientific theory with no foundation in science or biology. However, in America citizens are guaranteed the right to act nonsensical, but not to indoctrinate, groom, or sexualize minors. “If it feels good, do it” – doesn’t apply to adult entertainment around children. 

In Florida, as was recently posted on their Instagram, Boone High School canceled a “Donuts & Drag” after-school discussion program with drag queen Momma Ashley Rose (aka Jason DeShazo of the Rose Dynasty Foundation).  

Orange County Public Schools released a statement: 

“One of the after-school student clubs invited a guest speaker to attend their regularly scheduled meeting (Thursday). The event Donuts & Drag was not a drag show, but an opportunity for the students to hear a positive message of acceptance and love. This was to be the third year the speaker has addressed this club. As a result of a call from the Florida Department of Education (Wednesday), the event has been canceled. The Department questioned whether the event was age and developmentally appropriate and indicated any administrator, teacher, or staff member in attendance may be investigated and jeopardize their professional license.” 

My questions: Why did school officials allow the drag queen to be scheduled? Were the parents informed prior to the meeting?  

DeShazo had to move his Miss Rose Dynasty Pageant from Orlando to Kissimmee earlier in March because minors were invited to attend. Instead of not allowing minors, DeShazo chose to relocate his pageant to another area.  

Drag queen DeShazo will not stop hanging out with minors until the law forces him to stop.  

Florida Related:  

And of course, the mainstream media mockingbirds and the radical LGBTQ media sources are complaining about drag queens (adult men) being banned from hanging out with minors: 

Gay news sources in Florida that support DQs entertaining minors includes: Watermark Online, and South Florida Gay News

Kudos to Team DeSantis, the Department of Education, and citizens that defend and protect minors – that’s what responsible and rational adults do.  

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