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Op-Ed: Liberal Ladies & Female Politicians Go Gaga Over Drag Queens to Cancel Male Masculinity Says Author

Gender dysphoria is a mental health condition – not a civil rights issue. Up is not down. Flat is not round. Day is not night. A delusion is not reality. A fairy tale is fiction not fact. File photo: Stephanie Kenner, Shutter Stock, licensed.

Progressive women have struck up a love affair with drag queens.” – Darel Paul 

PORTSMOUTH, OH  –  It’s an interesting, but quirky phenomenon – the fanatical following that liberal ladies and female Democrat politicians engage in with drag queens. These women do know that drag queens are biological males, right?  

Personally, I think the wacky women worship drag queens to antagonize conservatives and traditional housewives. And to show their naughty side. Oh, but they want us to believe they are so tuned into diversity, equity, and inclusivity. These loony ladies just love, love, love everybody and accept everybody – except conservatives, Republicans, Christians, and anyone that disagrees with their progressive rhetoric.  

Males (aka drag queens) that perform for other adults in adult’s places – none of my business – as long as they stay away from minors.   

But Laverne Cox (a bio male) actually believes he is a woman. Gender ideology is an unscientific theory based on feelings. A male cannot become a female – not possible. There is NO trans gene. A human is not born with a male body and a female mind. That’s not logical, reasonable or common sense. That’s why it’s labeled gender dysphoria.  

However, I agree with feminists, in that, gay or straight drag queens mock the sexuality of biological women by engaging in their buffoonery antics. And what I gather from videos, modern-day drag queens are talentless performers that lip-sync. Where is the art in caked on makeup, costumes, and pink wigs as men simulate sex with other in “A Drag Queen Christmas?” 

Darel Paul, professor of political science at Williams College, penned a 2023 thought-provoking First Things essay “Drag Queens.” You can also watch an article interview HERE.  

He first tied the liberal lady adoration for drag queens to the era of “therapeutic culture” – exploring and finding “authenticity.” Or rather, their perception of authenticity. How is it logical for a male to reject his own body and declare he’s a female and proclaim authenticity? Rejection of self is a self-loathing condition.  

Just as much as progressives cast the therapeutic upon drag, drag draws upon the therapeutic. Devotees of the RuPaul franchise are routinely served hearty portions of therapeutic pathos, ethos, and mythos,” Paul theorizes.  

I would surmise that RuPaul’s drag queens play their own drama diva role, victim role, and self-proclaimed heroine role – wrapped up in narcissism – with the core pendulating from self-loathing to self-loving. Obsessing over a make-believe identity is mentally exhausting. And trying to force the rest of the world to accept your fallacy produces aggression and anxiety.  

Albeit, drag queens attack anyone that dares disagree with their self-created delusion – their own Hollyweird bubble. And they fit right in with self-centered celebrities. 

Drag’s self-conscious project is quite simply the deconstruction of masculinity. Drag is (traditionally) the male assumption of intentionally implausible and outrageous femininity through makeup, wigs, clothing, speech, demeanor, and the like,” Paul continues. “Charles has stated bluntly that drag is “a real rejection of masculinity.” 

Well said by the author of the article. It’s an attack on heterosexual men.  

That cancellation of masculinity is the heart of drag’s appeal to its straight progressive fans. Drag queen story hour is sponsored by librarians—at 83 percent women, among the most female occupations in America, and at 91 percent Democrat, among the most liberal.” 

Read the following article experts about female politicians and ponder on their deconstruction of masculinity. Do these women abhor the characteristics of masculine men? And is that why they adore flamboyant feminine-acting drag queens – gaudy, glitzy, loud. Hmmm.  

Paul purports, “The presence of gay men (and absence of straight men) is doubly necessary in order for straight women to celebrate femininity’s gender triumph.” 

How sorrowful and sickening to put down others to uplift your own worth as a person. And to be clueless pawns of the powerful political pundits pulling the puppet strings. Ignorance is not bliss.  

Eating the forbidden fruit brings tragedy not triumph. Is the passing pleasure worth a lifetime of pain? 

Essay excerpts:

Representative Alexandria ­Ocasio-Cortez appears to be the biggest drag fan in the United States Congress. She posts opinions and predictions about RuPaul’s Drag Race to social media. She attends drag events privately and, according to Out magazine, is “a massive Valentina stan.” No surprise, then, that Ocasio-Cortez leveraged her 2018 electoral victory into an open request to serve as a Drag Race celebrity judge, a dream she fulfilled in 2020. 

Representative Nancy Pelosi has made two appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, the first in 2018 and the second in 2022. After she appeared on Drag Race All Stars for the first time, an interviewer from Hollywood Reporter asked her bluntly, “What could politicians learn from drag queens?” Her answer: “Authenticity.” For Pelosi the spirit of drag is, strangely enough, “[people] being themselves.” 

Senator Elizabeth Warren made a video appearance at RuPaul’s DragCon NYC in 2019, the only 2020 Democratic presidential candidate to do so.  

In 2022, Vice President Kamala Harris appeared onstage with Drag Race winner ­Symone during a Capital Pride event. Later she hosted a Pride Month gathering at Number One Observatory Circle with Drag Race contestant Shangela, who was the first person ever to attend an event at the vice president’s official residence in drag.  

But Senator Kirsten Gillibrand outdid them all. In 2019, at New York City’s Elmo Lounge—“the über gay Chelsea restaurant,” in the words of the New York Daily News—she became the first U.S. presidential candidate to be interviewed by a drag queen. Gillibrand twice stopped by the Des Moines, Iowa, gay bar The Blazing Saddle, where she glammed up backstage with drag queen Vana (who called the senator “a strong, female, warrior princess”), swapped dresses with the performer, and served drinks to customers in a rainbow-lettered “Love is Brave” T-shirt. 

Hmmm. Perhaps, the greater the loathing of masculine males by women – the more time is spent in the company of drag queens.  

Drag’s celebration of femininity turns out to be far less successful than it appears. By separating femaleness from femininity, drag queens can appropriate the latter while setting up the former for the most crude forms of caricature and satire. Indeed, critics of drag have long condemned it for misogyny. Though drag’s text is a mockery of masculinity, its subtext—largely ­unread by its straight female fans—is a subversion of femaleness,” Paul reflects.

In my opinion, the symbiotic relationship between drag queens and the aforementioned elected politicians is disturbing, but makes sense when framed with Paul’s insights and explanations.  

In 2021, as noted on the GLAAD website, “over 465 feminist leaders sign open letter standing in solidarity with transgender women and girls, including Gloria Steinem, Regina King, Halle Berry, Selena Gomez, Chelsea Clinton, Gabrielle Union, and more.” Also includes Senator Sarah McBride and NY Attorney General Letitia James. 

Is this more proof that a majority of liberal and/or feminist ladies despise masculine biological males but accept males that pretend to be foolish and fake caricatures of females? It’s nonsense that makes your head spin.  

Albeit, the radical liberal ladies and Hollyweird celebrities with the woke mind virus lived in la-la-land before males identifying as females (aka drag queens) became mainstream via narcissist RuPaul Charles. And prior to the militant trans cult movement as well. The apple was ripe for the picking. 

I stand beside author and activist J.K. Rowling and the hard science. Two sexes: male and female. No magic wand can turn a biological male into a female.  

Furthermore, biology is not bigotry. Gender dysphoria is a mental health condition – not a civil rights issue. Up is not down. Flat is not round. Day is not night. A delusion is not reality. A fairy tale is fiction not fact. 

Let me be very clear. This is not about the LGBTQ community of individuals. This is about biological males that pretend to be women (aka drag queens) and liberal women that agree with the erasure of females and motherhood. Women are not to be categorized as mere “birthing people” to kowtow to the woke cancel culture sporting a pervasive and invasive mind virus. 

My issue: Female politicians, feminists, celebrities, moms or other women that have not spoken out about the drag queens that indoctrinate, groom, and sexualize children. They show no proclivity to defend and protect minors from the group of drag queens that are child predators.  

Recommended Book: “When Harry Became Sally: Responding To the Transgender Movement” by Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D. 

When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.” –C. S. Lewis 

Folks, as usual, read, research, reflect, converse, and arrive at your own conclusions. 

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