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Op-Ed: Southern Legal Counsel & Equality Florida Boasts of Educating all 67 Florida Districts on LGBTQ & Trans Issues

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The gender industry nefariously targets people at the very core of personhood: identity…This identity-engineering is one of the defining features of cults.” –Mary Keffler. 

TALLAHASSEE, FL – All students deserve safety, affirmation, protection, and support in schools – no matter what biological sex, chosen sexual orientation, skin color, age, ethnicity, disability, culture and the list goes on with the differences. However, the list of commonalities outweighs the list of differences. 

Children’s rights are human rights. 

But no group should be affirmed over any other group. No group deserves special or extra civil rights protection. No group deserves a schoolwide special flag, special party or special funding in public schools. The gay flag excludes other minorities. Equality does not give one group more rights or more parties or more gifts over other groups.  

The problem can be attributed to the adults that push their own personal, political, cultural, social, sexual or other agendas.  

Radical social justice warriors and militant LGBTQ activists have no place in public educational institutions. Rational, reasonable, and responsible adults are finally waking up to reality that schools have been invaded by propaganda pushers.  

Special policies for one group – exclude other groups.  

  • Do LGBTQ children learn to read, write, and do math different than other children? 
  • Do LGBTQ students eat different foods from other students in the school cafeteria? 
  • Why do LGBTQ children need different forms, policies, and documents? 
  • Do LGBTQ kids learn to ride bicycles different from other kids? 
  • Do LGBTQ kids kick the soccer ball in a different way from other kids? 
  • Why do LGBTQ students need special or extra attention over other students? 

However, male and female students are different based on biology, anatomy, physiology, genetics, and reproduction. And boys do not belong in girls’ sports, bathrooms or locker rooms. 

The purpose of attending school is education – not indoctrination.  

Minorities can pursue their unique causes outside of public educational systems, but not during school hours.  

The following excerpts are from the Southern Legal Counsel website. 

In partnership with Equality Florida, the state’s largest statewide LGBTQ advocacy organization, Southern Legal Counsel has engaged with all 67 Florida school districts to educate their leadership, personnel, students and parents on how to affirm, support, and protect LGBTQ students and their rights. Highlights from this project include: 

  • Publishing a series of LGBTQ+ Legal Notes, each of which contain a topic-specific legal analysis, an overview of the districts’ legal duties, and self-empowering “Know Your Rights” tips for students and parents. These two-page explainers (links to each below) are distributed monthly to school district attorneys, social workers, staff, leadership, and LGBTQ+ liaisons within every school district in Florida.
  • Training more than 600 school district staff, principals, social workers, teachers, and others involved in Florida’s public school system through a comprehensive program on how to create an affirming, inclusive learning environment for transgender students. As a result of the training, school districts are making changes to their registration forms and student information systems and are moving towards more inclusive policies and practices that promote the academic success and overall well-being of LGBTQ+ youth. 

 Folks, all students have the right to a public education – not a unique education based on sexual orientation or gender identity ideology. It just doesn’t make sense to single out children that identify as LGBTQ and/or transgender and to put them on a political, cultural, or social pedestal during the school day. It’s not mentally healthy because it can promote self-victimization, attention-seeking behaviors, and symptoms of anxiety.   

Moreover, bullying programs must apply equally to all students because teaching resilience is the key – not obsessing on victimization based on differences or perceived differences. 

I love kids because I first see their worth as simply being a human. Whether kids identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or transexual, they all deserve to be loved – that goes without even saying.  

However, it’s the extremist adults that obsess over sexual identities in school districts, classrooms, and other areas. It’s the fanatical adults that are consumed over Pride events at school and flags in the classroom. And obsession trickles down to the students. Focusing more on the differences instead of the commonalities has produced division in our public educational institutions.  

What can parents in Florida do? 

  • Contact your school and ask if members from Southern Legal Counsel and Equality Florida have presented programs in your child’s school district or classroom? Ask for a record of dates and times. Ask for copies of flyers, brochures, curriculum, PowerPoint presentations, videos used, website resources given to students, and recommended books. 
  • Ask if Southern Legal Counsel and Equality Florida have provided trainings to principals, teachers, aids, school counselors, social workers, psychologists, and other staff. 
  • Go to your school board and ask if taxpaying dollars are paying for trainings from Southern Legal Counsel and Equality Florida. 
  • Contact the Dept. of Education in Florida and voice your concerns. 
  • Converse with other parents about this issue.  
  • Contact your state representatives.  
  • Consider temporary private, charter or home-schooling based on the intensity of the indoctrination. 


Partners for Ethical Care has rolled out legal help for those harmed by the trans-medical establishment in the United States. The website is

Documentary “Dead Name” – Parents Tell Their Child’s Tragic Transgender Stories. 

Book: “Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness,” by Miriam Grossman, MD, a child & adolescent psychiatrist. 

Book: “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters,” by Abigail Shrier

We will never surrender to the woke mob,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said during the inaugural address for his second term. “Florida is where woke goes to die.” 

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