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Op-Ed: When Michigan Parents Won’t Protect Kids from Drag Queen Sexualization – Other Adults Must Step In

Drag Queen
A recent drag queen story event at a bookstore in Oakland, Michigan, brought both pro-child advocates and pro-drag queen supporters. The bookstore is owned by Jenny Carney and her wife, Jen Brown and opened in May 2022.  File photo: LightField Studios, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH  – People have busy lives. So, why would caring adult advocates and child activists take time out of their busy lives to “bash” and “trash” drag queen entertainers – as they are being accused of doing by radical LGBTQ and transgender militants? Being called transphobic haters is not a pleasant experience.  

The answer: When woke, clueless, or ignorant parents allow adult biological males to groom and sexualize their children – somebody has to step up and rescue the kids. Sexual abuse is a criminal act. Grooming is a precursor of sexual molestation. A male dressed in female attire for the purpose of sexual gratification in front of children is a child predator.  

A recent drag queen story event at a bookstore in Oakland, Michigan, brought both pro-child advocates and pro-drag queen supporters. The bookstore is owned by Jenny Carney and her wife, Jen Brown and opened in May 2022. 

The protest was organized by a conservative group that formed late in 2022 called the Grand New Party. The Oakland County GOP also encouraged adults to attend Saturday’s protest. 

“I don’t stand outside a church and tell parents they can’t go inside and tell their child about God,” said a DQ supporter from Ferndale in an article by the Detroit Free Press. “I don’t see why people can’t be allowed to make up their own minds about Drag Queen Story Hour.” 

The focus is on cross-dressing men with fetishes that like to hangout around children for the so-called purpose of entertainment, reading and teaching diversity. A hyper-sexualized male disguised as a female while acting like a fool is nefariously using LGBTQ activists as pawns and mouthpieces. That’s a common tactic used by perverts, predators, and pedophiles. And protectors of children know it.  

Woke parents and guardians are living in la-la-land for bringing children to story events with drag queens. The focus in not on the gay community at all. The focus is on adult men in drag infiltrating the safe places for children.

Not all drag queens are trans women (aka biological males that identify as female). Many are heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. Is the beginning of his DragCon show, RuPaul Charles denied participation to trans women, but changed his opinion several months later. Why? 

I’m assuming the supporters of DQ story events have not watched the myriad video clips of drag queens at libraries hiking up a leg to show what’s underneath or setting on the floor with legs spread wide apart. 

The article continued: “Spotted in the crowd was former Royal Oak mayor and former state representative Jim Ellison, recently appointed by Oakland County to a new job as chief of older adult services. “I’m proud of the residents of Royal Oak, coming out to support the new bookstore. The owners are trying to promote themselves and doing something perfectly legal,” Ellison said, as his wife, Jody Ellison, nodded and smiled.” 

Again, I’m assuming the mayor, his wife, and the representative haven’t watched the sexually explicit video clips from Libs of TikTok – or maybe they have.  

Residents need to unite, organize, and vote these elected officials out of office. 

According to an article in the Detroit News, covering the same event, one of the protestors said, “It’s sexualizing our children. Out here we have men dressed like ladies that are teaching children sexualization, which is obviously a perversion and pretty much as I see as pedophilia.” 

“Drag queen Storytime is an exercise in normalizing what is not normal, and can be upsetting, scary and confusing to a young child,” the Oakland County GOP said in a statement. “Adult sexuality introduced to a child — especially outside of the family unit — is not ‘playful’ or safely entertaining. It is at best inappropriate, and at worst, criminal.” 

Well said by the GOP.  

“To bring a child up in this world and to be exposed to men who want to dress as drag queens … that’s kind of degrading and that’s low morals for your children,” another DQ protestor said. “Because when … your child grows up, they come to accept this kind of behavior.” 

Yes, that’s what indoctrination and desensitization is all about. And gender ideology is an unscientific theory that denies biology.  

Obviously, the drag queens that only entertain adults in adult places are not child predators. So why don’t they speak up on behalf of children?  

RuPaul Charles, icon of TV DragCon, invites children to dress in drag and stroll the catwalk, so of course, he will not defend or protect minors. 

Michigan lawmakers last year announced legislation that would allow parents to sue schools for up to $10,000 if they hosted drag shows. 

Albeit, Michigan needs to join the other states that are passing legislation to ban drag queens from performing for minors anywhere in the state.  

Kudos to the Oakland GOP for protecting children. 

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