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Radical LGBTQ Trans Activists, Cultists Demand Liberal Mind Hive From Victims & Followers

There are two sexes: male and female. And gender dysphoria is a mental health condition and not a civil rights issue.   File photo: Sabrina Bracher, Shutter Stock, licensed.

He wears a mask, and his face grows to fit it.” –George Orwell 

PORTSMOUTH, OH – The woke mind virus of the cancel culture reminds me of buzzing bees. In a honey bee colony, the queen bee rules and the rest follow out of blind obedience.  

Definition of mind hive: the collective mental activity expressed in the complex, coordinated behavior of a colony of social insects (such as bees or ants) regarded as comparable to a single mind controlling the behavior of an individual organism. 

The woke militant bees’ band together and groupthink dictates the show. How dare anyone deviate from the liberal mind hive! 

What is groupthink? This concept was first spoken about by social psychologist Irving Janis and journalist William Whyte. It’s “a phenomenon where members of a group begin to think erroneously.” 

That sums up the militant minds of trans cancel culture crazies.  

Exposure of biological males (aka drag queens) via video clips performing sexually explicit acts in front of children by the Libs of TikTok and the outraged response of the public sent the bitter bees into major meltdown mode – and they continue to swarm when opponents disagree with their illogical nonsense.   

When conservatives speak out against unscientific gender ideology and speak up for factual biology, they are branded as transphobic haters. A tactic used by past and present dictators is to attack the messenger when the message is faulty, false, or has no firm foundation. 

“Attack!” shouts the mind hive soldiers with their programmed brains. Intoxicated by propagandized power, they sting and sting and sting. Fear of losing power fuels their rage.  

The object of power is power.” –George Orwell 

Albeit, the woke bees will even sting other members from the LGBTQ community. 

Gays Against Groomers, a coalition of gay people who oppose the recent trend of indoctrinating, sexualizing and medicalizing children under the guise of LGBTQ, flew far from the mind hive of ultra-Lefty liberalism. 

The Daily Dot fish wrapper laments, “Critics say that Gays Against Groomers is a transphobic, far-right “astroturf” campaign whose founder allegedly shared racist, Islamophobic, extremist content and conspiracy theories.” 

Gays Against Groomers founder Jaimee Michell responded to Daily Dot via emails discussed in a 2022 article. 

“We are sick of being associated with this abhorrent behavior and toxic ideology. It is actually setting the gay community back miles,” Michell said. “I’m sure you have seen the acceptance of us plummeting. What the radicals are doing in our name is the reason why. We will stop it.” 

Woke worker bee and staff writer Claire Goforth roasted Michell like a chestnut on an open fire – forever faithful to the mind hive cultist movement.  

It’s frightful that people who are so ignorant should have so much influence.” –George Orwell 

The rabid rag, Advocate, slammed 60 Minutes for a story on transgender health care because of its emphasis on people who regret transitioning. 

Journalist Trudy Ring barbecued the guests in her unbalanced article. She should have labeled it as a commentary because it stunk with opinionated gobbledygook.  

The story, which aired in 2021, saw Lesley Stahl interview four people who regretted going through gender transition and two health care professionals who said they support trans people’s right to gender-affirming care but think these procedures are sometimes undertaken without sufficient consideration. 

“It greatly concerns me where the field has been going,” psychologist Laura Edwards-Leeper told Stahl. “I feel like what is happening is unethical and irresponsible in some places.” 

GLAAD hyperventilated and spewed vitriol a mile long on a Twitter tirade via the article. 

The Transgender Cult Movement 

In another vein, read a 6-part series titled, The Cult of Transgenderism by the Family Research Council

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In my personal and professional opinion, it’s akin to mass psychosis whereas a minority group wants to take the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors of all others hostage for indoctrination into their harmful mind hive. Hysteria reigns when truth tries to penetrate and bring reality into the trans world of fantasy.   

The transgender road to Shambala is paved with fool’s gold.  

There are two sexes: male and female. And gender dysphoria is a mental health condition and not a civil rights issue.  

The First Amendment is rejected in the gender ideology kingdom. And so is hard science and valid research study outcomes.  

The transgender cult movement is a well-oiled machine backed by big bucks and powerful megalomaniacs. Many of the brainwashed activists and advocates are pawns and the children are the victims.  

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A 2022 book titled, “Gender Pioneers: A Celebration of Transgender, Non-Binary and Intersex Icons” by Philippa Punchard touts it’s an “inspiring collection of illustrated portraits celebrates the lives of influential transgender, non-binary and intersex figures throughout history.” 

So what? A story of adult trans people. Whoop-de-do.  

The issue: Radical LGBTQ trans cult members must take their hands off the children. That’s why sensible citizens are uniting and organizing. That’s why caring and concerned elected officials across the USA are passing bills to defend and protect minors. 

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Sanity and truth are prevailing as the wind beneath the bee wings is losing velocity.  

Book resource:  

“Desist, Detrans & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult” by Maria Keffler

I. Gender Ideology Is a Cult  

Chapter one describes how the gender identity social activists behave like a cult. Keffler discusses eight steps that cult groups use to gather and indoctrinate followers based on an article in the New Zealand Herald. Keffler indicates that cults entrap vulnerable people into their organization through a process of identity engineering. The use of the term “deadnaming”—when a transgender identifying person’s name given at birth is rejected as if that part of themselves no longer exists—demonstrates an identity engineering technique. The goal is to “kill off” all aspects of who the person was in favor of the identity the cult wants the person to have. 

“Detox” refers to the detoxification or deprogramming that must take place to save a child from the cult. Often, this is the step that allows a child to return to his or her authentic self, and is a state that must be maintained. Managing access to the internet and toxic friends or family members, as well as pulling children from a school that is “affirming” an opposite sex identity or presentation all fall into the category of “detox.” 

Keffler writes 8 points that identify a cult:  

1) Identify potential recruits. For instance, a Gender & Sexuality Allies club instructor has been observed to encourage teachers to chat up a child by themselves and talk to them about their sexuality and gender then encourage them to join the club. (HRC, a LGBTQ advocacy group, will send schools money to start a GSA club.) 

2) Draw the recruit in. An environment of rainbow flags and monthly celebrations of various LGBTQ identities create an atmosphere of in-group celebratory status at participating schools. 

3) Love-Bomb the recruit with affection, approval and adoration to create a false sense of well-being. Members of the trans community encourage and provide “glitter families” usually older trans identified people on YouTube who groom the recruit into their transition. 

4) Sell, sell, sell: on promises of love, joy, happiness, success and a meaningful life once transition begins. 

5) Apply hard love: Cult members must follow the cult’s strict protocols in order to be acceptable to the group.

6) Require the renunciation of loved ones: especially if they express skepticism and refuse to affirm the ideology or comply to pronouns. Or commit the faux pas of dead naming (which has the psychological impact of severing the personality of the recruit from the context of the family and society in which it was created; same with pronouns). Or refuse to applaud social, chemical, and surgical transition to the opposite sex.

7) Introduce & coerce acceptance of core beliefs: By the time all these beliefs are accepted the recruit is well on their way to a new identity created by the cult values. 

8) Permit zero tolerance of criticism. This is certainly the attitude of trans rights activists and their allies. The chanting of the mantra “trans women are women” forbids any other response other than complete, unquestioning trans affirming loyalty from allies to whatever demands these activists make. (Such a mantra chanting strategy was incidentally used by the Chinese in social mind control during the cultural revolution.) 

Chapter four continues to discuss the cult-like experience of young people detransitioning back to their biological gender. They require a processing of deprogramming, which is described in detail. To begin the process, Keffler suggests: 1) find out exactly what happened and what is really happening with the child; 2) determine which influences in the child’s life are pro- or anti-transgender ideology; 3) initiate a campaign to undo brainwashing of the child. The end of the chapter provides a complete summary of steps to take and the expected goals of each step. 

Chapter seven addresses what parents can do to keep their child from regressing or being pulled back into the cult. Keffler indicates that after leaving the transgender cult, a child may experience fear of those outside the cult, adulthood, their sexuality, being a victim, lacking control, etc. Keffler provides examples of how the transgender movement uses fear as a motivator to keep members from leaving. With a trustworthy professional counselor, talk therapy interventions that are helpful to a detransitioning child’s healing from post-cult fears include exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness therapy. 

Transgender ideology is a cult of identity.” –Maria Keffler 

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