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Op-Ed: No Climate Crisis in Florida – VP Harris Spoke with Forked Tongue in Miami on Behalf of Aspen Institute

VP Kamala Harris in South Florida, participates in climate conference
Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Miami, Florida, to speak at the four-day event in March that gathered speakers at the Miami Beach Convention Center and the New World Center along with business leaders, conservationists and journalists. File photo: Kim Wilson, Shutter Stock, licensed.

MIAMI, FL – Here’s exactly why Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Miami, Florida, to speak at the four-day event in March that gathered speakers at the Miami Beach Convention Center and the New World Center along with business leaders, conservationists and journalists. This is the second year for the bogus event.  

The Joe Biden regime demanded that Harris do damage control because the genuine climate experts (aka the Heartland Institute) met at a major gathering in Florida in February.  

Ahem. What does haphazard Harris know about science and the climate?  

Let’s review: The climate czars (aka Al Gore, John Kerry, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, King Charles, Greta Thunberg, and their army of minions) are crying wolf – when there is no wolf.  


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Furthermore, the speakers of truth are labeled as conspiracy theorists. Many of the climate scientists and researchers have been smeared, shunned, or fired. 

Akin to Chicken Little screaming, “The sky is falling. The sky is falling” – the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization have duped the world into mass hysteria with fearmongering – and no science to show for it.  

Watch the YouTube video clip from the ‘Chicken Little’ film and picture Kamala as the frazzled feathered fowl. “Run for your lives! Everyone run for cover. SOS! Mayday! Mayday! You’re all in danger.” 

Watch Harris on CBSN News as she spins the wild weather and future flooding fabrication concerning sea levels.  

The core of the conversation at the summit revolved around the Inflation Reduction Act, which Joe Biden signed into law in August 2022. Despite its name, the measure is considered the biggest climate change legislation ever passed in the U.S. with some $370 billion directed to tackling the problem over 10 years. A major infrastructure bill also has numerous climate-related provisions, as noted by WUWF

Alas, the Inflation Reduction Act is one of the mostly costly political circuses in American history. Citizens with common sense, discernment, and critical thinking skills are well aware there is no climate crisis. It’s part of a radical Democrat ruse to ruin the economy, control the residents, and usher in a carbon tax. But in the meantime, the Biden cabal is mesmerizing cities with ‘free’ money for a climate crisis that does not exist.  

Sidebar: The malevolent minions changed the language from global warming to climate crisis to climate change. Why? Carbon emissions aren’t destroying civilization, the earth, and the atmosphere. There is no climate crisis, whereas the planet will either explode and burn or cool and freeze. So, the czars settled on ‘climate change’ for now, anyway. 

The Heartland Institute Conference 

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) was featured as speakers at the recent event in Florida. The Heartland Institute, at the 15th edition, is the most-important and informative conference on climate science and energy policy in the world and was held at the Hilton Lake Buena Vista in Orlando.  

Oh, that’s why haphazard Harris motored to the Sunshine State.  

The Heartland Institute: ‘The True Crisis: Climate Change or Climate Policy?’ Watch: Climate expert Marc Morano’s keynote speech at Heartland Institute Climate Conference in Orlando 

CLICK HERE to watch every conference 2023 presentation. 

CLICK HERE to see the archive of The Heartland Institute’s 14 previous climate conferences.  

Hurricane Ian Isn’t Proof of Impending Climate Doom 

The pushers of the poisonous propaganda on climate change rushed in to erroneously use hurricane Ian as substantiating impending doom and foreshadowing the end of life as we know it. 

Ahem. We’re still here. And Florida is not underwater – nor is any US city.  

Watch the video and panel discussion: Hurricane Ian Isn’t Proof of Anthropogenic Climate Change. “As expected, the corporate media latched onto Hurricane Ian to advance the false narrative of anthropogenic, catastrophic climate change. Rather than dedicate airtime to informing the public on key developments, alarmists are capitalizing on this devastating weather event to scare the public into submission. On today’s episode of Climate Change Roundtable, the panel covers reporting from the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC and then contrasts it with objective data to highlight the rampant misinformation behind climate alarmism.”  

Of course, NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, and the other mockingbird muppets read from the prepared script. 

Sea Levels 

My question: If the sea level is going to rise and flood the USA from east to west and north to south – then why did Barack Obama build a bazillion dollar mansion at Martha’s Vineyard and why did Bill Gates remodel his mammoth mansion on the California coast? 

Heartland Institute:Sea Level Rise Not Accelerating, New Study Shows by H. Sterling Burnett

The Aspen Ideas Climate 2023 

I call the Aspen Institute, main office located in Colorado, the censorship squad. The Aspen Institute, a spot for liberal elites, has trained hundreds of the world’s business and political leaders. However, the administrators claim to be a “nonpartisan forum.” Aspen boasts of eight international partners. Albeit, in my opinion, Aspen is similar to the deceptive Davos sect at the World Economic Forum. 

The conference with knavish Kamala was co-hosted by the Aspen Institute and the City of Miami Beach. 

Folks, do a deep dive into the research the mainstream media mafia tries to hide, converse with others, use critical thinking skills and arrive at your own conclusions.  

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