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Op-Ed: Florida SB 254 Could Remove Minors from Parents Pushing Harmful Gender Transitioning

Minors from Parents
Clashes over how to support children exploring their gender identities have revived custody fights in at least 10 states, according to an article in Arizona Central. File photo: Rob Marmion, Shutter Stock, licensed.

A systematic and intentional brainwashing has been undertaken upon our children and our society, for the purpose of political and financial gain.” –Maria Keffler

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Parents do not have a right abuse their children. And allowing a child to receive harmful puberty blockers or to have her healthy breasts or uterus removed or to have his penis and gonads cut off is child abuse.

  • The bill would grant officials authority and allow state courts temporary emergency jurisdiction under the law that protects kids from domestic violence. Florida state officials would be able to take custody of minors who are “at risk” or “being subjected” to gender-affirming care.
  • The bill would allow the courts to modify out-of-state custody agreements. Under the proposal, the state’s authority would extend to minors living outside of Florida.

Florida bill, currently labeled SB 254, has a companion bill in the house, which is HB 1421. The Senate version was filed State Sen. Clay Yarborough from Jacksonville. The House version of the proposal was filed jointly by Reps. Ralph Massullo and Randy Fine.

HB 1421, prohibits what the bill calls “gender clinical interventions,” meaning procedures or therapies “that alter internal or external physical traits” among minors.

The term “gender clinical intervention” includes surgeries that alter primary or secondary sexual characteristics, puberty blockers or hormone therapies. The bill has exceptions for minors with ambiguous sex characteristics or those with sexual development disorders.

My questions: What happens between parents who differ on how to handle kids who may be indoctrinated into the gender identity cult movement? What happens when one parents relocates to a state that allows drugs and trans mutilation surgeries?

Imagine a father being helpless to prevent his son’s genitals from being removed? Imagine a mother being powerless to prevent her daughter’s breasts or uterus from being removed?

Clashes over how to support children exploring their gender identities have revived custody fights in at least 10 states, according to an article in Arizona Central.


Helping Children with Gender Identity Confusion. This question-and-answer document offers guidance for parents or family members faced with questions about gender confusion in a child they know and love. This thorough introduction also concludes with additional resources and links. Focus of the Family.

The gender industry nefariously targets people at the very core of personhood: identity…This identity-engineering is one of the defining features of cults.” –Mary Keffler.

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