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Op-Ed: Drag Queens in United Kingdom Exposed for Sexualized Performances for Babies

Drag Queens
This is from a recent “family-friendly” drag event geared towards babies in England. Image: Libs of TikTok

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  Let me preface: I have no issues with the LGBTQ community. And adult males that perform for adults in adult places – none of my business. Those of us that do speak out on behalf of the children are labeled as transphobic haters and right-winged bigots.

Folks, the United States isn’t the only country where adult men dress in thongs, pasties, high-heels, and thick makeup for the so-called purpose of entertaining young children.

The contents of the videos, beyond a shadow of a doubt, depict grooming, and sexualization in an attempt to desensitize children. It’s apparent to me that these men are receiving sexual gratification from their performances. Gaze upon the half-naked bodies and seductive poses.

Viewer discretion is advised.

“This from a recent ‘family-friendly’ drag event geared towards babies in England,” Libs of TikTok tweeted , also sharing video clips of the event.  

The deviant group behind the performance, the U.K.-based organization CabaBabaRave, advertised the event as a “show-stopping cabaret interspersed with captivating baby sensory moments…ending in a RAVE.” 

Dominique Samuels exposed the event on her Twitter page. She stated the drag queen debauchery was “imported from the United States” and is “spreading like wild fire” in England.

Samuels found more disgusting photos on the CabaBabaRave Instagram page. The man in bondage leather straps hanging from the ceiling would absolutely be a scary scene for babies and toddlers. One male wearing revealing attire is on all fours with his butt in the air facing the children.

Another video shared on Twitter depicted the drag performers doing weird gymnastic movements in skin-tight clothing – drawing attention to their private parts.

Following a Twitter storm from sensible tweeters, in response to their event, CabaBabaRave made its social media pages private and disabled its website

Excerpt from their website:

VAULT Festival is aware of comments on social media directed at CABABABARAVE, part of the 2023 VAULT Festival programme. The cabaret show is designed for parents, with sensory moments for babies, and is a fun and welcoming space for parents with young babies. VAULT Festival exists to support live performance and artistic talent and is proud to platform events that are welcoming and accessible for all, with audience safety always as a top priority. We stand against the inexcusable threats of violence and assault against our programmed artists, our staff, and directed at the LGBTQIA+ community, and are supporting the affected artists.

Sidebar: I am against threats and violence.

If the men and staff stand behind their salacious drag show, then why scrub it from the Internet?

Isn’t it interesting how the perpetrators respond like victims. The “affected artists” are suffering. Really? The child predators got called out by the public and they reacted like drama divas. They made an erroneous statement that the outrage is directed at the LGBTQ community instead of the outrage being aimed at adult men grooming and sexualizing babies.

If these men actually believe what they are doing with babies is appropriate – then their minds have become depraved (i.e. a seared conscience lacking morality). Perverts, predators, and pedophiles live around the globe.

Moreover, why would mothers bring their children to this type of an event? Hmmm. It appears the clueless moms are trying to be viewed as inclusive and progressive. But, yet they are sacrificing the mental and sexual health of their children – leading to gender confusion. And children they do not learn healthy body boundaries are more susceptible to sexual predators.

Why don’t the fathers attend? Could be because fathers would not stand for their daughters or their sons watching grown men behaving like club strippers and porn stars.

This event cannot even be compared with adults dressed in Disney character costumes or giant Muppets ice-skating or the singing Doodle Bops.

What’s further disturbing is the aggressive parents and other tweeters that defended the drag queens.

Any adult that finds the contents of the aforementioned videos as appropriate and fun for babies and toddlers needs a mental health assessment – in both my personal and professional opinion.

When these children start experiencing nightmares or began acting out sexually on the playground, they’re going to need a child therapist.

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