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Op-Ed: The Russia-Ukraine War Must Come to an End… Before We Do

Ukrainian soldier stands on the check point to the city Irpin near Kyiv during the evacuation of local people under the shelling of the Russian troops. Irpin, Ukraine – March 2022, File photo: Kutsenko Volodymyr, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – If we make it, our nation will soon celebrate its 250th birthday. We’ve been a light unto the world for well over a century and history tells us that most super dynasties such as ours lose their superiority and power at about this stage. And sadly but realistically, it appears we are heading for such a decline. Just digest without political bias, the news you’ve been exposed to for the last two years, sit down and contemplate the future. Our internal disputes, making us a divided nation, on all fronts. You name it: Political hatred, racial divisiveness, gender confusion, escalating crime statistics, a failing educational system, reckless, bankrupting spending, an open border to all and the retreat from Afghanistan are indications of a nation reeling backwards.

We’ll focus on the challenge we’re now facing from an up and coming nation-power, China. They are a massive land mass, populated by one and one half billion people living under a ruthless, tyrannical ruler. They are an economic powerhouse machine utilizing its cowed people to toil and produce as required by the government or die. We are beholden to them for 90% of our pharmaceuticals, most of our apparel, most items stocked at Walmart and similar shops, our electronics, batteries for our electric vehicles and the solar panels being pushed by our own leaders. And the trade deficit between our two countries is well in their favor. In short, they own us, lock stock and barrel. To add to the dismal comparison between them and us, it’s a certainty that their military is now more prepared for a conflict than ours. Their navy is larger and we can’t even get enough qualified recruits to staff our armed forces. Our kids are either too fat, stupid or have criminal records.

But now, considering the above, we should all be concerned about us being led into a war with them over our support for Ukraine. Under the leadership of President Biden, we are blindly heading into such a situation. We have given them over a half trillion $ in funding, handed them over our top notch weaponry, urged our allies in NATO (Ukraine was denied membership in that organization because of its corruption) to give their support to that nation. Understand, that Russia is an ally of China. How long can their leader Xi, sit by and permit Russia and his buddy Putin to be humiliated by the West? This week both leaders met and it is understood that China may soon supply Russia with advanced weaponry that will escalate the conflict and draw us closer to war with nuclear powers who are two of the largest nations on earth. A disaster in the making… for the world and us.

We’re calling on our leaders to demand an immediate sit-down between Russia, Ukraine and all NATO members to reach a halt to the conflict, leading to a settlement, before the world shoots itself in the foot and head. This war cannot go on. It’s getting out of hand. If it continues as it has and surely will without an umpire or referee to bring the sides together to talk and resolve issues, the world is doomed. And sadly, we, with it. With China entering the ring, anything is possible and that’s not acceptable to us and you. Let’s pray we make it to celebrate our 250th birthday!

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