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Op-Ed: Don’t Count on Biden to Protect Us From An EMP Attack

File photo: Aleksandr Tsybulskyy, Shutter Stock, licensed.
An Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack on our nation’s electric grid would render those beneath the blast, for thousands of square miles, completely helpless. File photo: Aleksandr Tsybulskyy, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – The recent flights of mysterious balloon objects flying at high atmospheric levels across America had most of our military and those in the know, mighty frightened, especially because they originated in China. Our leaders were concerned that the baggage on these toy-like items contained atomic devices that would unleash what is called an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack on our nation’s electric grid. That would render those beneath the blast, for thousands of square miles, completely helpless. EMP’s are pulses of energy that can be emitted from the blast of a nuclear weapon high above a target. These powerful pulses, when interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field, have the ability to damage and destroy all electronic and electrical equipment such as computers, disable automobiles, cell phones, transformers and transmission lines, as well as all of our critical communication infrastructures within its range. And that includes our military capability to respond to the attack. Even worse, if you can believe it, the current design of America’s electric grid means that damage to certain critical substations could cause a domino-like cascade of electrical failures across the entire country. And a this point in time, we are totally vulnerable. And may we ask, “Knowing this, why did the White House permit the first Chinese balloon to float across our nation, only waiting to shoot it down once it traversed the continent?” And trhoe in why does our leader ignore the millions of doses of Fentanyl that cross our border each and every month? Obviously because the Biden Crime Family is on the payroll of the Chinese Communists.

Simply put, with enemies such as China, North Korea, Russia and Iran all capable of launching  and delivering such a devise, how do we prepare ourselves for survival? Firstly, our troops must be given orders from the White House and the top military leaders to shoot them down before they even reach our shores. Our intelligence system must be upgraded to anticipate the motivations of our enemy and to work with our allies cooperatively to share intelligence in this matter. Our electrical grid system, now a myriad of confusing and competing sectors, must be highly secured and protected with back up systems ready to kick in in the event of an attack. What we don’t have and what is urgently needed are EMP and cyber warfare experts to run another “Manhattan Project” to quickly protect America’s critical infrastructure. Their motto should be; “Lead, not follow, or get out of the way!” An Executive Order issued by the White House would be the next step needed to give vital guidance and leadership to this important issue – before it’s too late. But at this point, looking back at the shrug-of-the-shoulders attitude and lack of concern on the part of our President, with the handling of the “balloon threats,” the ball falls on every individual’s part to survive such a disaster. 

And that entails preparation. Country and rural communities would be safer to live in. They are not strategic targets as are cities. The storage of food, batteries, water and medical equipment in homes and apartments, by individuals and in centrally located neighborhood  areas, ready for distribution would be our first thought. Have a plan with your family and friends in order to survive the initial chaos. Form a neighborhood or even building “Survival Group.” This sounds crazy, but it’s a form of preparation. Basically, shelter in place. Learn the basics of first aid. Stock up on medical supplies and medications. Have blankets available for thermal survival. Canned, non-perishable foods should be stocked away. They last years. Water is essential. Have portable radios, batteries and walkie-talkies on hand for communication with your group. Just have a plan!

Remember, in case of an EMP attack, we cannot count on first responders,  financial institutions, hospitals, police, and public transportation. We will all be on our own for quite a while if this horrendous calamity should ever befall us. And as a last suggestion, why not place calls to your elected representatives, local, state and federal to ask them just what preparations they have officially made to see that we survive an EMP attack. If they are unaware of this possibility….fill them in. Sadly, our leadership has dropped the ball in this matter. Our lives now depend on….us. Don’t forget it.

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