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Op-Ed: American Citizens Last

American Citizens Last
Almost all of our U.S. policy decisions are not percolating up from citizens to their representatives. Instead, they are being mandated from the White House down to citizens. This authoritarian process from the top down to the people is un-American. 

SPRING HILL, FL – Our America policies seem to be more concerned about other nation’s feelings rather than our citizen’s interests. Our “woke” administration is allowing our southern and northern borders to remain wide open to allow anyone to enter our nation. The U.S. landowner’s private property on the borders is being invaded by foreigners. They are breaking into homes, robbing, and destroying crops or using weapons to terrorize them. A significant number of these illegals are drug cartel infiltrators, child traffickers, and vicious terrorists. Our own citizen’s lives, and property are being sacrificed by our governmental policy. 

The reality is the state and local governments are providing these illegals hotel residency, food, and transportation to those who demand it. These invaders are being treated better than law abiding US citizens. These priorities are upside-down making no sense. The illegal immigrants’ needs first, citizens last. 

The people in East Palestine, a small town in Ohio had a train derailment of hazardous chemicals which contaminated the vicinity. Many affected citizens were seen on TV suffering from serious ailments. They were told by federal officials that there was nothing to worry about as there was no contamination of soil or water. The federal government including FEMA , the present administration, and the state government of Ohio did little to nothing to intervene while claiming to the people that everything was under control. 

President Biden has not yet visited this contaminated city or showed them any economic package to aid their suffering. Yet, President Biden went to Ukraine to visit with President Zelensky highlighting a billion dollars and weapons to support this foreign nation. The President did this while ignoring East Palestine’s serious issues. US citizens last, President Biden’s business associates first. 

President Biden’s concern for China’s reaction to shooting China’s spy balloon before it went across the entire USA was more important than sending a strong message to China that we are a sovereign nation. The president projected weakness, not strength as the leader of the free world. 

The Wuhan virus which many scientific experts initially indicated originated in China and now the FBI has evidence demonstrating that it most likely came from the Wuhan lab. This is still denied and downplayed by the administration and press. Once again, the USA is acting subservient to the CCP. American sovereignty comes last compared to China’s provocative spying on our nation.

On the domestic front, many blue states and federal agencies are conceding power to the pro- riot groups and hardened criminals. After the 2020 riots “Defunding the Police” had the result of losing thousands of police officers making our streets even more unsafe. The infamous George Soros has financed the elections of woke attorney generals sympathetic to criminals. He persuaded them to release the criminals back into the public without serving any sentence. This means a criminal who commits a violent crime is back on the street the next day to continue committing crimes. This is the reason why so many of our cities are seeing rising crime rates. Criminals first: citizens last.

After the Supreme Court decision to send the issue back to the states, pro-abortion rioters marched in front of Supreme Court justice’s homes. They particularly honed in on Justice Kavanaugh’s home. This is against our established laws yet Attorney General Garland, the head of the Department of Justice, refused to enforce their law. This was a partisan move from the head of our justice department. 

Almost all of our U.S. policy decisions are not percolating up from citizens to their representatives. Instead, they are being mandated from the White House down to citizens. This authoritarian process from the top down to the people is un-American. 

Global warming assumptions are coming from the globalist elites to our federal government. Our mandated Covid-19 shots came from government bureaucrats, not from a consensus of the scientific community. The support of the Ukrainian war came from the administration not the consensus of the people. Our public-school curriculum is not from the parents (who have been investigated for expressing their opinions) but from the teacher’s unions. Forgiveness of those who did not pay student loans was a method of the executive branch to gain votes. CRT, reparations, and DEI are also ways to gain popularity and votes of blacks and the woke. EGS Environmental Social Governance, is a concession to the worldwide corporations who will be major elite partners in the emerging one-world government.

WE THE PEOPLE have an immense amount to lose if we do not stand up to the disregarding of the rule of law. Our constitutional republic’s brilliant checks and balances to keep citizens in control of the U.S. government is essential.

American citizens first, not last.

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