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Op-Ed: South Florida Gay News Disgusting, Depraved Cover of “Ron DeGroomer” Got Censored

SFGN cover last week of Gov. Ron DeSantis
SFGN’s cover last week of Gov. Ron DeSantis being mocked as “Ron DeGroomer” was censored on Issuu, a platform that SFGN, and many other companies use, to upload their print editions online. (source)

PORTSMOUTH, OH –   What kind of a publisher, editor or journalist uses pedophilia as a joke? An individual with a degenerate mind – that’s the answer. There is absolutely nothing funny about children being groomed by child predators. There is absolutely nothing comical about children being sexually abused, molested, and rapped.

There is absolutely nothing amusing about an article in South Florida Gay News (SFGN) that is alleging or accusing an elected official of grooming children without evidence of being arrested, charged, or convicted.

The cover shows a row of children at a school and depicts Gov. Ron DeSantis with his hand out – touching a child’s hand.

On pages 12 through 14 in SFGN is an article titled, “What is “Grooming?” The Truth Behind the Dangerous, Bigoted Lie Targeting the LGBTQ+ Community” – a reprint from The Anti-Defamation League. Published: 09.16.2022 from: Center on Extremism.

The following update was added at the end of the article:

“In a previous version of the article, it may have been interpreted that Mr. Rufo has pointedly associated grooming with the LGBTQ+ community, so for the avoidance of any doubt we have clarified by adding “and others.””

What the article didn’t write about:

The article attacked the courageous founder of Libs of TikTok, but didn’t show any of the video clips of drag queens twerking and jerking in thongs and pasties in front of young children.

Now, isn’t that interesting.

The article didn’t cite the sex offenders disguised as drag queens at a library in Texas.

Now, isn’t that interesting.

The article didn’t cite any research results from journalist Christopher Rufo’s well-documented articles on gender ideology, the history of drag, the statistics on drugs and mutilation surgeries of minors, or any other vital information.

Now, isn’t that interesting.

Excerpts from the SFGN’s website:

“SFGN’s cover last week of Gov. Ron DeSantis being mocked as “Ron DeGroomer” was censored on Issuu, a platform that SFGN, and many other companies use, to upload their print editions online.”

“The Feb. 23 cover is a tongue-in-cheek visual featuring a photo of DeSantis staring at, and touching, school-age children.

“Issuu has removed the online version from public viewing and is now only available to readers via a direct link. But even then the website is forcing readers to login to prove they’re over 18.”

“This publication may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by Issuu’s user community. To view this publication please verify that you are 18 or older by signing in or signing up.”

You can view the Pride issue on Note: You have to sign up for an account to read it.

Although, I’m not an expert on the law, but if the individual being accused of grooming children filed a slander or libel lawsuit against this rabid rag, and if I was seated on the jury – my vote would be GUILTY for the magazine, the owner, publisher, editor, and journalist. And if I was part of the jury that awarded damages, my vote would be for several millions of dollars.

Character assassination of a freedom-loving public official that defends and protects children is cowardliness, repugnant, and despicable.

The two drag queens that have spoken up against mixing children and DQs include Ryan Woods (aka Lady MAGA USA) and William Browning (aka Kitty Demure).

In my opinion, the LBGTQ community in Florida is being taken for a ride by the militant gender ideology cult movement. The radical soldiers of extremism, disguised as social justice warriors, are using LGBTQ individuals as pawns in their war on the indoctrination of children.


“The Suicide Myth: A Twisted Scare Tactic Subverting Medical Standards,” an article by detransitioner Cat Cattinson on the Partners for Ethical Care website, exposed this deceptive practice by radical medical and mental health professionals.  She explains the flawed studies used by transition advocates as they try to ‘prove’ suicide statistics.

Do No Harm has announced its latest initiative “Protecting Minors from Gender Ideology,” an effort to educate policymakers and the public on the disastrous consequences of the unproven and often harmful practice known as “gender-affirming care.”

Book: “Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness,” by Miriam Grossman, M.D. “Don’t be blindsided like so many parents I know. Be proactive and get educated. Feel prepared and confident to discuss trans, nonbinary, or whatever your child brings to the dinner table. Whether it’s the “trans is as common as red hair” claim, or the “I’m not your son, I’m your daughter” proclamation, or the “do you prefer a live son or a dead daughter’ threat, says Grossman, no family is immune, and every parent must be prepared.”

Documentary “Dead Name” – Parents Tell Their Child’s Tragic Transgender Stories.

In 2020, “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters,” by Abigail Shrier produced a meltdown in the transgender cult movement? Because it told the truth and cults fear truth. “Why, in the last decade, has the diagnosis “gender dysphoria,” transformed from a vanishingly rare affliction, applying almost exclusively to boys and men, to an epidemic among teenage girls?”

I encourage sensible citizens to stand up for children in Florida and for Gov. Ron. DeSantis.

Children’s rights are human rights. No child is born in the wrong body. Children and drag queens don’t mix.

Only in the radical left’s woke dystopia is it not appropriate to protect kids.” – Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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