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Op-Ed: Banal Buttigieg Blaming Trump for Ohio Train Derailment Found Bogus by WaPo, NYT & NTSB

Pete Buttigieg
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg speaking at a Press Conf in front of the GGB. Highlighting the fed governments investments in infrastructure. San Francisco, CA – Jan 23, 2023. File photo: Sheila Fitzgerald, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –   U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg (aka Mr. Incompetent) is eating crow after pointing the finger at the former Trump administration for the train derailment disaster in East Palestine, Ohio. But where’s the little weasel’s apology to the 45th President of the USA?

Even more baffling is what the mainstream (aka legacy, corporate) media mockingbirds wrote about the allegations from pathetic Pete.

“We decided to examine every possible regulatory change made under Trump that could be related to the accident and assess whether it could have made an impact,” read a review published by Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post.

Oh, WaPo admitted Trump was cleared from accusations by the Biden administration.

Breitbart reported, The New York Times also acknowledged in a report the claims that former  Trump’s administration was responsible for the train derailment in East Palestine due to it rolling back a rail safety rule is inaccurate.

A member of Joe Biden’s administration (National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Chair Jennifer Homendy) called Buttigieg’s claims about the East Palestine train derailment misinformation.”

Bam! Buttigieg and Biden take a hit.

Homenday told CNN anchor Jake Tapper unequivocally that the ECP brakes would not have prevented the East Palestine train derailment.

Ouch. The look on Jake the snake’s face was priceless. I’ve watched the Twitter video clip several times.

The radical Democrats keep throwing anything and everything at the Trump wall, but nothing seems to stick. Their bite-sized brains are probably sizzling with disappointment.

Meantime, Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine called on Biden to travel to the village still reeling from the train derailment that spewed toxic chemicals across the area last month, saying, “The people want to see the president.”

Biden, was slammed for traveling to Ukraine for a meeting with President Volodymyr Zelesnky instead of meeting with the Ohio residents.

“That was the biggest slap in the face,” East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway told Fox News. “That tells you right now he doesn’t care about us.”

Yes, creepy Joe is used to slapping hard-working Americans in the face.

Watch Trump’s visit on YouTube. He vows to stand with East Palestine community after the Ohio derailment tragedy.

We have told you loud and clear. You are not forgotten. You are not forgotten. We stand with you, we pray for you, and we will stay with you in your fight to help answer the accountability that you deserve,” said Trump.

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