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LGBTQ Journalist Blasts Gay Men for Saying Biological Truth – A Man Is A Male  & A Woman Is A Female

LGBTQ Nation
Anyone that disagrees with the erroneous rhetoric of gender identity is put into the category of transphobia. File photo: NMK-Studio, Shutter Stock, licensed.

If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” –George Orwell, Animal Farm

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  Journalist Daniel Villarreal, in a commentary for LGBTQ Nation, took aim at two gay men for their factual beliefs about biology and only two sexes: male and female. Yes, he referred to them as transphobic. Anyone that disagrees with the erroneous rhetoric of gender identity is put into the category of transphobia.

Alas, another clueless, ignorant, misguided, or cultist journalist that adheres to unscientific gender ideology. An angry and arrogant activist that ignores valid and reliable research in favor of progressive propaganda. How ironic that a journalist in the USA would bash and trash free speech.

“Gay conservative U.K. anti-transgender activist Alex Bramham recently entered a civil union with his partner. They used the ceremony to highlight their transphobic views and oppose government restrictions on religious views in civil ceremonies,” writes Villarreal.

There’s a clue for Villarreal’s venom. The men are conservative.

“Bramham has become notorious in the U.K. LGBTQ+ community for opposing the legal recognition of transgender people’s gender identities. His partner seems to share his sentiment.”

It appears that Villarreal is a self-proclaimed police officer of genderism as well as the prosecuting attorney, jury, and judge. He’s found two individuals guilty of telling the truth.

A biological male cannot never transform into a female. And a biological female can never transform into a male. And no human is born in the wrong body.

During the ceremony, his partner Brad said, “Alexander, I promise to love and respect you forever. I promise to always speak the truth: that a man is an adult human male and a woman is an adult human female; together we are free.”

“Marriage is between one man and one woman. Instead we acquired equal dignity and rights through our civil partnership,” Bramham wrote, even though the U.K. offers legal same-sex marriages.

What makes Villarreal think the radical LGBTQ community can dictate the beliefs and behaviors of others? The men are not committing crimes or breaking the law.

According to Bramham’s Twitter account: “Drag queens are NOT for kids” and “Stop promoting gender identity to children.”

The conservative men support the group LGB Alliance: “We support detransitioners and desisters and oppose all attempts to silence or discredit them. We stand for their right to speak candidly about their experiences with dysphoria, transition, the medical industry, and the trans community, as well as their right to expose truths about transition that many aim to keep buried.”

I’ll bet Villarreal has a signed copy of George Orwell’s novel “1984” on his nightstand. And he probably gives the book “Animal Farm” Orwell’s utopian satire as holiday gifts.

However much you deny the truth, the truth goes on existing.” –George Orwell

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