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Op-Ed: Taxpayer-Funded NPR Promotes Mutilation for ‘Transgender’ Children, Criticizes Florida’s Move to Ban It

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PORTSMOUTH, OH –  Investigative journalists are supposed to, er, investigate – dig deeper, dig deeper, dig deeper. But mainstream (aka corporate, legacy) media has become nothing more than a shallow puddle of evaporating rainwater – mockingbird muppets waiting on memos from megalomaniacs with deep pockets.

“NPR is the best propaganda outlet that taxpayer money can buy. The outlet has joined in on the transgender craze, publishing a completely uncritical piece about “gender-affirming care” for children in Florida, one of the states that have wisely moved to ban it. “Gender-affirming care” is nothing more than chemical manipulation and surgical mutilation, and such procedures have permanent effects on children that can never be reversed,” noted a commentary by Zachary Faria for the Washington Examiner.

Woke NPR Melissa Martin paraded the story about a trans minor to try to give validity to the unscientific gender ideology militant movement.

“Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. It’ll do magic believe it or not – bippity-boppity-boo.” It’s Block singing the Fairy Godmother’s song in the Cinderella movie. Got me wondering if she also believes a pumpkin can change into a coach.

“We’re actual people who need to get the medical care of puberty blockers or hormones to feel comfortable in our bodies,” says a 13-year-old male that identifies as female.

The minor in Block’s story is prescribed Lupron to turn off the male puberty process.

What is Lupron? A manufactured version of a hormone used to treat prostate cancer and breast cancer. It’s better known for its use in the chemical castration of sex offenders at serious risk of reoffending.

Folks, read that again. Lupron is used as a chemo drug.

What parent would agree to put his/her healthy child on Lupron? The same medication given to paroled pedophiles. As a mother, my brain can barely fathom giving this type of chemo drug to a healthy human being – a growing adolescent.

Folks, no child is born in the wrong body. And any parent that encourages a child to reject his/her biological sex is engaging in a fairy tale fallacy. Feelings are not facts. A magic wand cannot be waved to turn a male into a female.

Block is just one of the many journalists in the mainstream mafia that perpetuates the propaganda and the result is irreversible damage to minors: physically, sexually, psychologically, socially, spiritually.

Will the defenders and protectors of our children please stand up?

With the boldness of Gov. Ron DeSantis, the state’s Board of Medicine and Board of Osteopathic Medicine both passed rules that will ban harmful ‘gender-affirming’ care practices such as puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, as well as mutilation surgical procedures, for new patients under age 18.

Team DeSantis to the rescue. Elected officials to the rescue. “We the People” to the rescue.

Per Block’s article “Pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Kristin Dayton, who runs the Youth Gender Program at the University of Florida in Gainesville, disputes claims that gender-affirming care is risky or experimental.”

Is Dr. Dayton clueless, ignorant, deceived by the mainstream mob, paid off, a devote cultist of the gender identity club, all of the above or none of the above? I’ll bet she’s BFF with Admiral Richard (aka Rachel) Levine? Medical doctors that ditch science and biology – go figure.

Faria surmises that  “journalists” in corporate media “have sold their professional souls to help activists and politicians gain power, even if that power is used to promote permanently life-altering gender transitions for children.”

I concur with Faria. Albeit, add Dayton and Levine to the list of soulless medical physicians infected with the woke mind virus. The Hippocratic Oath is dead for these Frankenstein experimenters.

Physician, heal thyself.” (Luke 4:23, KJV)

Dayton’s colleague, clinical psychologist Jennifer Evans, says she is “extremely concerned” about the Florida ban and her patients’ mental health. Add her to the soulless mental health professionals – the mind manipulators.

Psychologist, heal thyself.

A recent article by Tallahassee Democrat listed the closings of gender clinics serving minors in Florida: Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami and Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg. Another clinic at the University of Florida in Gainesville has a waitlist. An adolescent pediatrician at the University of South Florida wrote on Twitter that doctors were recently told by the institution’s legal department “that we have no choice but to comply with ”the new rule.”

Surgeons, the self-proclaimed god magicians of genderism, attended the Do No Harm funeral and buried ethical codes when they sliced off healthy organs from minors with gender dysphoria or social contagion.

There goes their cash cow. Mooing for money in the Sunshine State is drying up.

Why are taxpayers still funding NPR? Newsmax asked this question. “National Public Radio (NPR) has become more of a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party throughout its 50-year existence, than it has a service to the public, and has even gotten more progressive.” The solution: “It’s time to pull the plug.”

In 2021 and 2022, NPR did ‘Hail Mary’ stories on Levine, so the public funding is not going anywhere anytime soon. It appears that NPR is in the transgender BFF club as well.

Faria concludes: “The media are the least-trusted institution in the country for a reason. And that trust will continue to decay in the coming years as it becomes clear just how much damage transgenderism has done to children while outlets like NPR happily, uncritically promoted it.”

Media, heal thyself.

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