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Op-Ed: Sexualized Drag Queen Performance at LA Zoo Touts “Family-Friendly” – But is Adult Raunchy

Adult Raunchy
PragerU posted a six-minute video online that was shot during the event, showing what the children saw, including one performer doing a strip tease.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – The Los Angeles Zoo in California, recently hosted an all-ages show during its Lights and Animals Aglow tour, featuring “highly sexualized” drag queens who grotesquely grabbed their genitals, fondled themselves, and stripped in front of children and infants, reported journalist Terresa Monroe-Hamilton for Bizpac Review.

PragerU posted a six-minute video online that was shot during the event, showing what the children saw, including one performer doing a strip tease.

PragerU’ personality Aldo Buttazzoni, host of “Man On The Street” series, reacted to the Los Angeles Zoo hosting an all-ages permitted drag show on Fox News.


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Buttazzoni  said, “The L.A. Zoo marketed this event, not only to children but to infants under the age of 2 and invited performers like Harrison Fortner, who goes by the stage name Valora Von Tease. Fortner is a Los Angeles-based drag performer who shows himself on social media smoking drugs, in kink, wearing bondage gear, and in sexually explicit photos. This is who the L.A. Zoo invited children and toddlers to see.”

I witnessed highly sexualized performers fondling themselves, grabbing their genitals, and cursing in front of a crowd of adolescents…As I watched these adult men stripping in front of innocent, impressionable kids, I couldn’t help but ask why they would be so adamant about performing in front of children and why our society was allowing it to happen,” Buttazzoni said.

Buttazzoni also commented in an op-ed piece, “As I watched these adult men stripping in front of innocent, impressionable kids, I couldn’t help but ask why they would be so adamant about performing in front of children and why our society was allowing it to happen.”

PragerU is educating, informing, and spreading awareness about these issues with its “Protect Children’s Innocence” campaign.   

By signing the Protect Children’s Innocence pledge, I promise to:

  • Educate myself and spread awareness about the evils of child sexualization and exploitation, even when the truth is difficult to look at.  
  • Get more involved in preserving childhood innocence by making sure the children in my life and my community are not exposed to early sexualization and grooming. 
  • Hold key stakeholders in my community accountable and not allow them to destroy children’s innocence.
  • Speak out against those who are allowing our children to be targeted, groomed, and harmed. 
  • Help preserve standards and boundaries, the role of the family, and children’s innocence. 

Folks, the radical LGBTQ cultists and drag queen child predators are using Woke cancel culture to indoctrinate and manipulate parents and adults into thinking it’s progressive and fashionable to allow kids to participate in vulgar performances of males twerking and jerking.

This is absolutely not about gay rights, tolerance, or acceptance. It’s about giving child predators access to kids. The fearmongering militants blame, shame, and shun any parent or person that disagrees. Well, let them call you hater, transphobe, or bigot. Keep your children away from these deviant and depraved men disguised as fun females.

“The only reason drag shows have been exempt from this “adults only” list is because these events fall under the umbrella of LGBT culture and promote a social justice agenda of not just tolerance but acceptance, even for children,” writes Buttazzoni. 

There’s an entire community of LBGTQ individuals that are against drag queens grooming and sexualizing children. Peruse the Gays Against Groomers website.

Individuals can show support for LGBTQ individuals with gender dysphoria that need and deserve compassionate mental health therapy without supporting drag queen entertainment for kids and unscientific gender ideology.

I have contacted multiple LGBTQ organizations across the country concerning the sexually explicit performances of drag queens in front of younger children. Moreover, I make it clear that adult drag queens entertaining adults in adult places is none of my business. And they react with defensiveness and rudeness or some do not respond at all. But it doesn’t matter to the directors or members one iota. They are willing to sacrifice the mental and social health of children for their misguided civil rights agenda of unscientific gender identity ideology.

And that’s why rational and sensible citizens are standing up and demanding legislation to protect children.

RuPaul, the icon of the modern-day Drag Queen movement, certainly won’t speak out for the protection of children. He promotes children strolling the stage in drag attire.

Creepy Joe Biden invited a drag queen to the White House and naughty Nancy Pelosi appeared on a drag television show. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez visited The Queens In Untucked. Watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on YouTube. Why can’t they say that children and drag queens don’t mix?

What can you do?

  • Contact your state representatives and be persistence. Vote in elections.
  • Contact your mayor, city council, and commissioners. Vote in elections.
  • Contact your local library board members and library staff.
  • Contact the LBGTQ organizations in your area for respectful conversations.
  • Contact the churches in your community for prayer and peaceful protests.
  • Sign petitions against drag queens in public libraries, schools, at parades and Pride events.
  • Contact MassResistance, pro-family activism. Start a chapter in your state.

Citizens, unite. Protecting our children is a worthy battle.

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