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Op-Ed: America First Legal is on the Frontline Fighting Anti-American Ideology for the Patriots

America First
Major international newspaper Financial Times featuring headlines with Donald Trump’s America First slogan at the inauguration as the 45th President of the United States. File photo: Hadrian, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  As I was perusing the American First Legal (AFL) website, I felt a sensation of relief and a rush of optimism. There are so many individuals, organizations, and agencies fighting diligently to save our great land of liberty. So many freedom-loving patriots across the USA. Folks, we are not alone. God is raising up leaders and helpers from sea to shining sea. America, the greatest country on planet Earth, is worth fighting for.

“We believe that all Americans deserve a government that puts their needs, their interests, and their country FIRST. This is the sacred obligation of every elected leader. This is the system our Founding Fathers established. This is the priceless heritage of every American citizen.”

AFL is led by senior members of the Trump Administration who were at the forefront of the America First movement. The team includes President Trump’s former Senior Advisor, Chief of Staff, Acting Attorney General, and Budget Director. “We have real-world experience carrying out critical legal, policy, and political battles at the highest levels of the U.S. government.”’

Loyal followers of Trump with knowledge of the Deep State regime. I’m praising God for AFL right now. They know how to battle the D.C. swamp.

Stephen Miller, President of America First Legal, served in the West Wing as Senior Advisor to the President for the entirety of the Trump Administration.

Kudos to Miller.

Gene Hamilton, Vice President and General Counsel of America First Legal. Prior to AFL, Gene served as Counselor to the Attorney General at the United States Department of Justice from 2017-2021—providing legal advice, counsel, and strategic guidance. 

Kudos to Hamilton.

America First Legal is a civil rights organization, committed to defending the principle of FULL EQUALITY under the law. We will not tolerate the conversion of our workplaces into Marxist propaganda centers.” 

AFL knows about the Deep State’s agenda for a Marxist takeover of America.

Our nation’s legal and constitutional order is predicated on the idea that all citizens, regardless of who they are or where their families come from, are entitled to full and equal treatment under the law. This is a bedrock of our entire system of justice. Yet, a pernicious new ideology has taken hold in the elite power centers of our country, which decrees that people must be judged expressly based upon their race, their gender, sexual preference, and their overall worldview – and either be rewarded or punished accordingly. This fundamentally anti-American ideology must be defeated.”

AFL is fighting woke cancel culture, critical race theory, and gender ideology for entire country.

Often, this ideology of exclusion, segregation, and discrimination advances under the banner of “equity,” “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” or “woke values,” but these gentle-sounding euphemisms are designed to mask a brute force agenda of social engineering, Marxist dehumanization, and overt racism and sexism. The tyranny of “equity” is in purposeful and direct conflict with the harmonious ideal of “equality.” Either America prevails in its defense of equality as the cornerstone of human progress, or we fall back into ancient patterns of division, denigration, and destruction.”

Yes, we must all unite and stand up for our God-given rights. “We the people.”

2023 AFL Lawsuits

After reading about the AFL, I felt like clapping and shouting. God has certainly raised up these attorneys “for such a time as this.” Keep AFL in your prayers.

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