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Op-Ed: JD Vance Finds Chemicals in Creek After Train Derailed in Ohio

Train Derailed in Ohio
An aerial view of a mushroom cloud after authorities performed a controlled release of chemicals after a massive train derailment. East Palestine, OH – Feb 2023, File photo: Orlowski Designs LLC, RJ Bobin,Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  A toxic train derailment in rural Ohio is causing havoc in a small town of approximately 5,000 people on the Ohio-Pennsylvania border. Watch Governor Mike DeWine – 2-17-2023 – Update on East Palestine Train Derailment on the Ohio Channel.

Newly elected Ohio Republican Senator JD Vance is walking his talk by visiting East Palestine, Ohio, where a Norfolk Southern train carrying highly toxic chemicals derailed earlier this month. Apparently, the chemicals have seeped into the ground and water.

Of the 50 train cars that either derailed or were damaged in the resulting fiery blast, 20 contained vinyl chloride, a hazardous material, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

A controlled release of chemicals was done to avoid the risk of an explosion. Residents were evacuated before officials conducted the controlled release, but they have since been allowed back.

Brandon Morse at RedState reported Thursday, that Sen. Vance, and East Palestine’s Mayor Trent Conway, held a town hall where thousands of people showed up to ask questions, some of them pertaining to the highly noticeable absence of the federal government, especially Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Visited a local creek in East Palestine today. These waterways are still very polluted.

It’s time for Norfolk Southern to finish the cleanup.

Runoff from the derailment impacted Sulphur Run, Leslie Run, Bull Creek, North Fork Little Beaver Creek, Little Beaver Creek and the Ohio River, the Ohio EPA said. Contractors with Norfolk Southern installed a dam and water bypass at Sulphur Run to prevent further contamination of downstream waters on Feb. 10.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine held a press conference after East Palestine train derailment. Watch on YouTube.

Where has Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg been?

“Pete Buttigieg is nowhere to be found YET AGAIN as toxic chemicals are spewing out in East Palestine, Ohio after a train crash. While he’s worried about ‘racist highways’, our nation’s transit systems are falling apart,” Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) tweeted Monday.

Buttigieg finally spoke up after 10 days of silence, writing that “I continue to be concerned about the impacts” of the derailment. He said DOT would look at the results of NSTB’s investigation, once final, and “use all relevant authorities to ensure accountability and continue to support safety.”

Really? Once again, Buttigieg’s incompetence showed up, even when he didn’t.

Gov. DeWine sought Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance but was rejected because the derailment did not qualify as a traditional disaster, Ohio’s press secretary Dan Tierney previously confirmed to the DCNF. 

Ohio has received aid from Health and Human Services, the EPA and the Pentagon, and Norfolk Southern is paying for expenses related to the incident. The company also paid a $1,000 “inconvenience fees” to East Palestine residents, the Intelligencer reported.

My question: Who trusts Joe Biden’s EPA? I don’t see any hands raised.

The EPA has tested 500 homes to date and has found no detection of “volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with the train derailment.” 

My question: Who makes sure the EPA is on the up and up? Certainly not the deceptive Democrats on Capitol Hill.

While the municipal drinking water has been deemed “safe to drink,” residents are advised to continue drinking bottled water until their private wells are tested, according to the update. There is no detection of “butyl acrylate or any other contaminant associated with the derailment” in the Ohio River, reported the Daily Caller.

I live close to the Ohio River. And I call baloney on the EPA’s report. Moreover, milk toast Gov. DeWine needs to stand up and demand help of FEMA. And use lab experts in Ohio to consistently test the air and water.

Now isn’t that interesting?

My questions: Is the Norfolk Southern going to pay for the vet bills for the sick and dying pets? Are they going to pay for the pain of suffering of pet owners? What about the wildlife in the rural area?

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has estimated 3,500 fish died across 7.5 miles of streams in the first five days after the chemicals burned.

My questions: What’s going to happen in 5, 10, 20 years and beyond, if or when, the town’s people experience cancer-related diseases or death from toxics in the environment caused by the train derailment? What is the long-term health impact going to be? How are pregnant women and the children affected?

Which cancers are associated with exposure to vinyl chloride? Vinyl chloride exposure is associated with an increased risk of a rare form of liver cancer (hepatic angiosarcoma), as well as primary liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma), brain and lung cancers, lymphoma, and leukemia.

I would like to see all the bigwigs hunker down in East Palestine for the next few months while breathing the air and drinking the water daily to prove all is well.

Furthermore, I hope the town bans together and hires an attorney that specializes in citizens that get shafted by governmental agencies.

Kudos to Ohio’s Republican Sen. Vance.

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